Is THE SUN the only national newspaper covering the story that Andrew Wakefield “plotted to make £28million a year from the MMR jab panic he triggered”?

I missed the article earlier this week in the British Medical Journal, in which Brian Deer sets out how the vaccine crisis sparked off by Dr Andrew Wakefield’s false claims about a link between the MMR vaccine, autism and bowel disease was intended to support secret businesses that were intended to make huge sums of money in Britain and America.

I would have expected this to attract a large amount of attention – particularly in those newspapers who covered Wakefield’s original claims in so much detail and carried on doing so even as they became increasingly discredited.  So far – in an admittedly cursory glance – the only coverage I can find is in The Sun:

“DISGRACED doctor Andrew Wakefield plotted to make £28million a year from the MMR jab panic he triggered, it emerged last night.

Wakefield – struck off last year – aimed to set up secret businesses to cash in on fears that the triple inoculation was linked to autism.

The ex-surgeon thought he could make a fortune in clinics offering parents diagnostic tests for their children so they could possibly sue health authorities.

Wakefield, 53, hoped to make even more by supplying “replacement” vaccines. But he had not even completed his MMR research – later discredited by experts – when he met managers at a top medical school to discuss business ventures.” 

3 thoughts on “Is THE SUN the only national newspaper covering the story that Andrew Wakefield “plotted to make £28million a year from the MMR jab panic he triggered”?”

  1. What a complete and utter lie.
    The corruption and conflict of interest at the GMC has been fully documented by Martin J walker and its these corrupt monsters who should be in jail.
    Why do think the parents of the 12 chuildren were banned from the hearing when the GMC lied about them “abused”
    You are part of the establishment like all the others who have persecuted this great man who was right all along but we cant have the truth getting in the way of big pharma profits now can we.

  2. To andrew;

    Wakefield was, and still is, a charlaton of the highest order. Care to explain to me why it is that, when they banned the MMr jab in japan, the rate of autism continued without any change. There is NO correlation between MMR jab rates and children developing autism. If anything, since the decline in vaccine rates, potentially lethal diseases are back on the rise again. disease which could have been virtually wiped out if it weren’t for ignorant people like yourself. Big pharma conspiracy? Get real – as if ALL those scientists and sub-commities, and the thoasands of employees in the pharmacuetical empire are all in on the big secret. Not a single whistleblower? ‘Big pharma’ has plenty of flaws yes – but MMR is not one of them. Educate yourself, and stop peddling the same old garbage, i thought this subject was dead and buried. How i feel sorry for you, your family, and all the children who may now still catch the diseases anyway, thanks to people like you.

  3. To Jonny

    Education on this issue would be a very good thing, but first you must be prepared to think about the issues before proclaiming something dead and buried.

    On your Japan point, if the autism link is true is nevertheless a rare reaction – this does not mean it is the MAIN cause of autism. You wouldn’t therefore expect it to show in overall autism rates. This is a fundamental problem with all the studies that attempted to ‘show’ numerically from old computer records that there was no link – even if the studies were free from major flaws, as appears not to be the case. In the Japan study the autism data were murky and complex and what the authors claim is showed was really a matter of interpretation – indeed the opposite claim could reasonably be made.

    If you want to blame someone for a rise in those “potentially lethal diseases”, you could consider the contribution of the medical establishment to the debate. The proper reaction was to investigate the problem of the possible link medically. However instead they immediately tried to sweep the possible link under the carpet. No wonder parents weren’t convinced.

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