Is today’s voter turnout going to be a surprise?

I have just been to vote in the European elections (peers can vote in local elections and elections for the European Parliament, but not for the UK Parliament).  It was quite busy.  I’ve certainly known that polling station much quieter at 9am on an election day.

Maybe the voter turnout is going to be rather higher than was being predicted.  I am not sure who that will benefit, but I suspect for once a higher turnout will not be much help to the Labour Party.  I am not sure that the beneficiaries will be the Conservatives either, but we will see.  The only Party represented outside the polling station were the Greens …….

4 thoughts on “Is today’s voter turnout going to be a surprise?”

  1. Toby,

    As a Labour councillor for Holloway in Islington I was part of the team that ensured that all polling stations in Islington had Labour tellers almost all the time and did plenty of GOTV. The Lib Dems, still just clinging to power in the Town Hall, had a patchy presence – strong in some wards and absent in many others including Holloway.


    P.S. I see my former near neighbour Boris Johnson has decided that Holloway was not posh enough for him and has, despite claiming to support the suburbs, become a Zone 1 resident!

  2. Johnson B is PM in waiting, and bicycles are expensive, so Zone 1 obvious move. He was a Bullingdon too y’know . . .

    I enjoyed my time delivering Ken and whomsoevers’ leaflets in Edmonton 2008, I hope they didn’t get another hail extravaganza.

  3. Oh, and my bro moved to Henley on the strict understanding that Johnson will not be returning. But he is not trustworthy I fear.

  4. The Tories benefited by virtue of being ignored, while Labour’s vote collapsed, and Brown was woasted by every fool in Christendom.

    The Tory share of the vote rose from their lowest in a national poll since 1832 of 26.7% in 2004 (when they shortly went down to defeat for the Commons) to 27.5% this time.

    I wonder if the public will ever again look for politicians who know their onions? The media certainly will not because they make their livings from crises – imaginary, concocted in the interests of the billionaires who own them, or genuine.

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