Is Victoria Borwick the Tories’ secret weapon in London

Victoria Borwick AM has had a good day at the Metropolitan Police Authority.  Not only was the report of the Civil Liberties Panel, which she chairs, on public order policing accepted with universal support from Authority members, but she also displayed a note of acid wit ….

Right at the end of the MPA meeting there was an item on appointing a new Independent Member, following the unexpected and sudden resignation of Deborah Regal.  I suggested that it might be a good idea to discuss what skill gaps there were on the Authority that might be filled by a new appointment.  And Victoria Borwick’s instant response?

“Whoever it is needs to know how to do up the buttons on their shirt.”

Now what can she have meant …..?

The DCiC*  needs to watch it – she’ll be the Tory candidate for Mayor when Mayor Boris Johnson stands down (as I suspect he will in the first few months of 2012) before he know it.

*Dog-Catcher-in-Chief  (aka Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM)

5 thoughts on “Is Victoria Borwick the Tories’ secret weapon in London”

  1. Sorry Ken, you have real competition if you still want to come back. Victoria would make a superb Mayor of London. Come in Boris your time is up.

  2. Heaven help London.

    Previous Tory Mayoral Candidate Shagger Norris just piloted Jarvis down the swannee, Bojo has employed half the right wing scunners in the Home Counties and now, Toby, you imagine the tories will select (well I do wonder at any further “open” selection in London – the left will be organised next time) a woman hating woman?

    I wonder if Red Ken will have much Labour opposition?

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