Jenny Jones thinks she is Katherine Hepburn

Jenny Jones AM, London “Green” Mayoral Candidate, is exploring the canal network (very green and worthy, not to say sanctimonious).

She reports by Twitter:

“Hmm @BritishWaterways Slough canal very weedy & shallow, needs urgent clearing. We are like the African Queen, but without leeches (I hope)”
But there are worrying signs that the hot weather is producing delusions of grandeur.
The royal “we” as in “We are like the African Queen …”
And does she really see herself as Katherine Hepburn?
Jenny Jones
Katherine Hepburn
And where is Humphrey Bogart?

One thought on “Jenny Jones thinks she is Katherine Hepburn”

  1. Bogart and Bacall notoriously found Hepburn K an absolute pain.

    The linesman for the Slough canal may be able to assist with your inquiry, Toby.

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