Just asking …… who is responsible for sacking LibDem ministers?

No doubt the constitutional experts know the answer to this …

Obviously, this is all hypothetical.  But just suppose a LibDem minister was accused – plausibly – of trying to pervert the course of justice, who would make the decision that they could no longer continue as a member of the Government?  Would it be the Prime Minister or would he have to ask the Deputy Prime Minister’s permission?

As I say, I’m just asking  ……..

2 thoughts on “Just asking …… who is responsible for sacking LibDem ministers?”

  1. Yes Harriet Harman getting off her driving offences along with the Baroness Scotland debacle were soooo different!

  2. Laws suffered the emoluments of Clegg for nearly 24 hours before he did the deed did he not?

    It may depend on the political health of the Lib Dem leader?

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