I see that Ken Livingstone is planning to reverse Mayor Boris Johnson’s abolition of the Zone 2-6 Travelcard.  This is welcome news for the very many people who travel around London but have no need to go into the centre.

When this was announced last October, the BBC reported how this was a slap in the face for the Mayor’s core constituency of outer-Londoners:

“Day travelcard users on London’s Underground and buses face price hikes of up to 74% from 2011.

The Zone 2-6 Travelcard will be withdrawn meaning passengers wishing to continue using travelcards will have to buy a Zone 1-6 version instead.

This would mean a peak hours ticket rise from £8.60 to £15.

Tube bosses said they were simplifying fares, but watchdog London TravelWatch said outer London residents and tourists would be worst affected.

“We are very concerned that these inflation-busting fares will price people off public transport,” said Jo deBank from London TravelWatch.

“Everyone will be hit, but it appears that infrequent users, those in outer London and visitors and tourists will be hit particularly hard.””

Even Andrew Gilligan in the Telegraph was moved to comment that this was one of:

“a series of unnoticed, but hugely above-inflation, fare rises in One Day Travelcards and Oyster price caps that will hit thousands of users with rises of up to 74 per cent.”

I wonder if he will be amongst those welcoming Ken Livingstone’s announcement.

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