The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM is in the Chair.  He set the tone by announcing that there was a lot on the agenda and he wanted everyone to be “snappy”.  He assured the Authority that that was the way he would chair the meeting – so nothing new there.  He’s always “snappy”, as John Biggs AM discovered when he had the temerity to ask how questions to the Commissioner would be handled and got told rather tersely “I was just about to tell you that”.

It is also apparent that Kit Malthouse is irritated when he is called the DCiC (Dog-Catcher-in-Chief).  Today, he offered Authority members his own preferred acronym and let them know that in future he wants to be called the DMP (Deputy Mayor for Policing).  This has a snappy feel to it and he clearly likes it.  Someone (well, actually it was me) suggested that he should now be call the DuMP.  It will come in very handy, as in the phrases “City Hall DuMP”, “DuMP and DuMPer” or “The Deputy Mayor takes a ….”.

Another source of irritation for the DuMP is usually Jenny Jones AM.  Indeed before she had even opened her mouth his snappiness over her asking him at a previous session what meetings he’d been to led to him telling the Authority that in the last three months “he’d had literally dozens of meetings with people ranging from Secretaries of State to community groups, so -Jenny – I’ve been busy”.

However, he kept his irritation in check when Jenny Jones did speak and asked about what he could tell the Authority about the sudden dropping of a police inquiry into off-street parking in Westminster.  He immediately said he didn’t know anything about it and it would have been quite improper for him to have been involved in the dropping of such an inquiry, whether as DuMP, Chair of the Police Authority or in any other capacity.  A comprehensive answer that left unanswered what Jenny Jones was getting at.  Either it was an inept attempt to smear him or we are going to hear a lot more about it soon.

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