Kurds for Ken

I’ve just returned from a lively event supporting Ken Livingstone’s campaign to be nominated as the Labour candidate for London Mayor in 2012. It was organised by Kurds for Labour and was well-attended.
The man himself was in lively form, sketching out a vision for the next Mayoral term which could be a fore-runner for the national Party’s offer to the electorate at the next General Election – just as the Labour administration in the London County Council led by Hebert Morrison in the 1930s demonstrated what a Labour Government nationally could deliver in 1945.
And who was that lurking at the edge of the room? Neither a Kurd, nor Labour, but former Tory MP, Andrew Pelling – motivated to be present apparently by an abiding dislike of Old Etonians.

2 thoughts on “Kurds for Ken”

  1. Wot? No old Etonian Kurds 4 Labour?

    I am deeply shocked by this breach of Chameleon’s weltanschauung.

  2. As Kurds support their national freedom movement in Turkey and now supporting Kurds for Labour will the Labour party in return be more outspoken about decriminalising the Kurdish freedom movement, PKK in Europe?

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