Kyrgyzstan on verge of cyber war

According to “The Voice of Russia“, Kyrgyzstan is on the verge of cyber war.  Apparently, the escalating ethnic conflict in Kyrgyzstan has already given rise to cyber attacks carried out on government and media websites.  Official information servers with .kg domain names have been broght down by DDoS attacks, so that local residents and others are denied access to official information.

The article warns that:

“The information war has not yet started in full force and effect in Kyrgyzstan, according to Russian IT-analyst Andrei Masalovich of DialogueScience Inc. He believes cyber attacks could be launched on every country which will send its troops to Kyrgyzstan to help resolve the ethnic conflict. Russia should not therefore intervene in the current situation, the businessman said.

Further aggravation of the ongoing conflict will result in a full-scale information war. Those who will bring armed forces to the republic, will be definitely exposed to massive cyber attacks.

Battles in cyberspace are an integral part of armed conflicts, like for instance, the Georgian aggression against South Ossetia in 2008. Tbilisi then unleashed another kind of war, blocking the country’s entire web segment, so that the world could not find out the truth about the origins of the conflict.”

The comments are interesting in that they put forward the argument that because of the risk of cyber-retaliation Russia should not intervene in the conflict.  This either suggests that the author has little confidence in the ability of the Russian Government to withstand cyber-attacks or that virtually any excuse will be sufficient to keep Russia out of Kyrgyzstan.

Of more general salience is the point that battles in cyberspace are becoming an integral part of more conventional armed conflict.

I wonder how prepared the UK would be?

5 thoughts on “Kyrgyzstan on verge of cyber war”

  1. I understand that George Osborne had the Treasury website wiped of stats relating to the 1997 – 2010 Labour Government when he assumed office.

    Cyber sabotage can be part of a civil war perhaps?

  2. I gather 800,000 out of a population of a few million work in Russia.

    Telecoms of any kind will be a hot potato, even if the Kyrgy economy has not made much of a transformation to a free market one yet.

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