Labour Conference 2010 observations 9: Ed Miliband “appoints” his Chief Whip

Those who follow these things (members of the Parliamentary Labour Party and about four others) will know that the PLP voted earlier this month to revert to the historic practice of electing its Chief Whip (and as a bonus the person elected would hold office for the whole Parliament).

This was seen by some as a manouevre to ensure that Nick Brown would continue to wield his considerable influence whoever was the new Party leader.  And by others as a move to strengthen the hand of the PLP vis a vis the Party Leader.

However, with a touch of striking ruthlessness, Ed Miliband told Nick Brown earlier today that he did not wish him to stand.  Nick Brown withdrew, as did his putative challenger Jim Fitzpatrick (I don’t know whether he was also told not to stand), and as a result the new Leader’s candidate, Rosie Winterton, has been elected unopposed.

So the score so far:  Party Leader one; PLP nil  (or – if you count the Leadership election itself: Party Leader two; PLP nil).

One thought on “Labour Conference 2010 observations 9: Ed Miliband “appoints” his Chief Whip”

  1. This may end in tears.

    Chameleon’s gestured droit de seigneur re the 1922 Committee may yet resurface as a grope too far.

    We may hear.

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