Labour Leadership: own goals r us

So which Labour Leadership campaign team thought that seeking my endorsement (for what it’s worth) mid-way through the Second Half of England v Germany was a good idea?
Anyone for an own goal?
Otherworldly or what?
Still what’s the worst that could have happened, if I had answered the phone?
A couple more (German) goals?
Personally I blame the Tories and the LibDems. England has only ever won a World Cup when there is a Labour Government.

4 thoughts on “Labour Leadership: own goals r us”

  1. We await commitments by all five to modes of torture for Sepp Blether, and goal line monitor methods.

  2. Whistling “Springtime for Hitler”. Ach, for you Tommy ze World Cup is finsihed.

  3. Cameron (PR) seems to be ahead of them, and the England flag came down toute Downing suite ….

    As I am part Hungarian, Irish and French I am perhaps more out of the World Cup than most.

    But perhaps there will be a repecharge between Sepp Blether and a rampant rhinocerous?

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