Labour’s impressive list of candidates selected to stand as Police and Crime Commissioners

Last month I reported on the Tory embarrassment that their flagship policy of elected Police and Crime Commissioners was starting to unravel for them.

Earlier today the Labour Party unveiled its list of selected candidates to fight the 41 elections in November.  The list is impressive and includes a number of former senior Ministers, along with the current Chair of the Association of Police Authorities and one of his predecessors.  A third of those selected are women and even in those areas where a Labour victory is frankly unlikely the Party has selected some serious and highly experienced individuals.

It remains to be seen whether the Tory list when it eventually emerges will be anything like as impressive.  For completeness, it is worth pointing out that the Liberal Democrats are likely only to contest a tiny handful of the available places.

One thought on “Labour’s impressive list of candidates selected to stand as Police and Crime Commissioners”

  1. Any UKIP PCCs will be of especial interest. How much any such candidates either foul up the chances of the Tories, or collaboratively withdraw, or lead to a Tory withdrawal especially. There is a recession on, and extremist talk is de rigeur in some circles ..

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