I have previously reported my frustration with the answers I have received to Parliamentary Questions from the Home Office, saying that I had received:

“the sort of answer that gives non-answers a bad name.”

Pointing out that:

“A request under the Freedom of Information Act would, I am sure, have elicited a fuller answer”

and in a shorter time.

So I wrote to the Leader of the House of Lords to complain.

I have now received his reply, which says:

“I agree that the answers given to the examples you have supplied are not adequate and fall considerably short of providing you with the information you seek.  If that information is not available for whatever reason, I would expect the answer to reflect why that is the case.  These do not and that is not appropriate in response to a Peer.”

He has asked the Home Office to supply me with the information requested and also to respond more fully to future Parliamentary Questions and to respond within the ten working-day target.

We will see what happens ….