Along with two colleagues, Baroness Ruth Henig and Baroness Harris of Richmond (no relation), I have a letter in The Times this morning:

“‘Police accountability cannot be distilled down to a single individual elected on a party ticket.’


We are heartened that ‘Ministers are preparing a “substantial package” of concessions over their plan to create elected police chiefs’ in response to peers’ concerns.

However, your report ascribing responsibility to Labour and Lib Dem peers for halting this risky revolution does a disservice to the diversity of Cross Bench peers who voted 3 to 1against the bill. They, and a majority of all Peers present, argued in favour of a Commissioner within a more collegiate model of governance.

We urge the government to listen to this public preference and to preserve the best of a diverse, broadly-based governance system for the police.

The right recipe for police accountability that has thus far helped deliver falling crime and rising public confidence cannot be distilled to a single individual elected on a party ticket.


Baroness Angela Harris
Baroness Ruth Henig
Lord Toby Harris”

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