As Mayor Johnson prevaricates (“I’m not going to…all I will say is this: I’m having, you know…being Mayor of London is a fantastic job and a very challenging job and a wonderful job and obviously if I still think at the end of this year that things are going well then I’d be crazy not to put my hat in the ring and have another go for sure”) on whether he is standing again for Mayor in 2012, I am one of the signatories in a letter to the Guardian supporting Ken Livingstone as the candidate best placed to deliver a progressive future for London.

The letter reads:

“The election of a London mayor in 2012 will test the strength of Conservative support nearly two years into David Cameron‘s administration. London needs to return to a policy of investing in our public services, leading the capital and speaking for London as a whole, not the cuts and incoherence of the present administration under Boris Johnson. Labour will shortly choose a candidate for mayor. We need a candidate who can give leadership in a time of crisis, has demonstrated their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge policies, who understands London’s political landscape and who always puts London first.

To maintain our safer neighbourhood police teams, protect the fare payer, and ensure a powerful voice for London in future we will be supporting Ken Livingstone as the best-placed candidate to secure a progressive future for London.”

The other signatories are: Claude Moraes MEP; Virendra Sharma MP; Andy Slaughter MP; Val Shawcross AM; Nicky Gavron AM; Cllr Liam Smith (Leader, Barking and Dagenham); Cllr Julian Bell (Leader, Ealing); Cat Smith (Vice Chair, London Young Labour) and Dame Sally Powell (Hammersmith and Fulham Council).

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