Letter to the Guardian backing Ken Livingstone for London Mayor in 2012

As Mayor Johnson prevaricates (“I’m not going to…all I will say is this: I’m having, you know…being Mayor of London is a fantastic job and a very challenging job and a wonderful job and obviously if I still think at the end of this year that things are going well then I’d be crazy not to put my hat in the ring and have another go for sure”) on whether he is standing again for Mayor in 2012, I am one of the signatories in a letter to the Guardian supporting Ken Livingstone as the candidate best placed to deliver a progressive future for London.

The letter reads:

“The election of a London mayor in 2012 will test the strength of Conservative support nearly two years into David Cameron‘s administration. London needs to return to a policy of investing in our public services, leading the capital and speaking for London as a whole, not the cuts and incoherence of the present administration under Boris Johnson. Labour will shortly choose a candidate for mayor. We need a candidate who can give leadership in a time of crisis, has demonstrated their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge policies, who understands London’s political landscape and who always puts London first.

To maintain our safer neighbourhood police teams, protect the fare payer, and ensure a powerful voice for London in future we will be supporting Ken Livingstone as the best-placed candidate to secure a progressive future for London.”

The other signatories are: Claude Moraes MEP; Virendra Sharma MP; Andy Slaughter MP; Val Shawcross AM; Nicky Gavron AM; Cllr Liam Smith (Leader, Barking and Dagenham); Cllr Julian Bell (Leader, Ealing); Cat Smith (Vice Chair, London Young Labour) and Dame Sally Powell (Hammersmith and Fulham Council).

10 thoughts on “Letter to the Guardian backing Ken Livingstone for London Mayor in 2012”

  1. Lord knows I am repulsed by talk of progress but I shall without doubt support Red Ken again next time.

    For the most part he brought reliable administration to London, let’s re-elect him.

  2. Ken Livingstone – now presenting programmes on Press TV (an Iranian govt funded channel) – Press TV boast that they have similiar views to the Iranian govt. News channel are not supposed to have ‘views’ similiar to anyone. They should report the news in an impartial way. An Iranian govt that arrests without charge, tortures and murders it’s own people. Not forgetting what they do to gays. Ken Livingstone for London Mayor – NO NO NO NO !

  3. At least RedKen isn’t making his living on the ToryBBC.

    The biggest fuss about Ken and islamo-fascists was when he appeared on a platform with an islamicist who was trying to defuse violence among young muslims here I recall.

    Only the Lyin’ Standard and tendentious opponents found that especially objectionable.

    We shall have to talk with the various Iranian factions, even if we bomb their nuclear facilities.

    I seem to recall Ken’s dialogues with the IRA sympathisers attracted a fair amount of opposition too . . . (But not Willie Whitelaw, who was there first while Heath was PM)

  4. The BBC gets bashed from left and right, so your ascertain that the BBC is a Tory propaganda machine is deluded. You don’t address the hypocracy of someone whot has spent his life championing human rights and then goes and works for an organisation that is FUNDED and EDITORIALLY CENSORED by the Iranian govt which is the world’s (including China)worst abuser of human rights.
    Ken Livingstone has appeared many times of the BBC’s Daily Politics and This Week programmes. Don’t tell me he’s doing it for free !

  5. Piffle!

    Ken is free to work wherever he finds fit, and it is better to talk with the Iranians at this stage than to ignore them. Or is diplomacy to be solely in the hands of those who shot?

    I doubt Ken would find a wider Iranian audience in any other way.

    The BBC is bashed by the right as a propaganda move, pretty damn clear, when Nick Robinson, Laura Kuennesburg are Both Tories, the former Deputy National YC Chair in the ’80s, the latter working for some right wing org a while back.

    Anyone who thinks that because any organisation is criticised by those claiming to be both left and right it isn’t biased has swallowed the BBC codswallop together with the hook line and sinker on the spoon.

  6. Livingstone isn’t interested in finding a wider Iranian audience. He won’t find any Iranians watching Press TV, they’re all watching BBC Persian ! (Mainly in Iran !!)
    I split my sides laughing when he criticised Boris Johnson for cancelling the gay pride reception at City Hall. This is a man who is working for an organisation that is funded and editorially controlled by a government the sends homosexuals to the gallows. It boasts that it likes to cause as much suffering as possible to people guilty of sodomy. Where’s Livingstone ‘hiding’ his rainbow flag when he turns up for work at Press TV !

  7. Quote – ‘ Ken is free to work wherever he feels fit’ – unlike the hundreds of journalists in Iran who have had their newspapers closed down and been imprisoned and goodness knows what’s happened to them when they’ve been thrown into prison.
    Interesting how the BBC’s Question Time programme would not drop Alistair Campbell from it’s panel after the Tory party said they would only put up a government minister if QT dropped Campbell and put up an opposition minister. Still think the BBC is Tory leaning ?
    Lord Toby Harris, do you have an opinion on Ken Livingstone’s dalliances with Press TV ?

  8. A ‘chilling’ article in the Guardian newspaper this morning by their middle East Editor Ian Black. The Headline reads ‘Amnesty Intl issues warning over Iran human rights abuses’
    Ken Livingstone has some explaining to do as to why he’s presenting programmes on Press TV (an Iranian govt funded and editorially controlled news channel). I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t connected in some way with the state broadcaster IRIB.

  9. Another interesting article in the Guardian. The Headline – Ofcom investigates Iran’s Press TV over jail interview with journalist.

    It’s gone quiet out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I rest my case !

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