LibDems spurn the Church

I have already commented about the arrival of the Coalition Government heralding a new seating plan in the Chamber of the House of Lords.  This had led to the Liberal Democrats sitting uneasily in the segment of the Chamber also occupied by the Bishops.  They had taken to spilling over into the two benches reserved for the Bishops and Archbishops and – on occasion – surrounding an uneasy looking Bishop in full robes.

With the first day back of the House of Lords since the Summer Recess (and yes, I know the Conservative Party Conference is still going on, but Tory Party peers don’t seem to mind) there has been some rearrangement.  The LibDems have moved to the other end of the Chamber away from the Throne and are no longer co-habiting with the Bishops.

It is not clear whether the Bishops had complained about over-familiar LibDems or the LibDems had demanded more “lebensraum”, but Tory peers are now sitting in the three rows behind the Bishops and LibDem peers are now opposite (or beside) the Cross-benches.

One thought on “LibDems spurn the Church”

  1. Elect the Lords!

    (Including the Religious and anti Religious component)

    Have you no contacts in either the Lords Spiritual or the Nat Libs to get the proper SP on this Toby?

    You had formerly appeared the acme of the House of Lords’ social scene.

    We shall begin to account your the Douglas Carswell of the other place at this rate.

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