LibDems vote en masse against every amendment to Health and Social Care Bill

Yesterday there were five votes in the House of Lords on the competition sections of the Health and Social Care Bill.  The amendments were all defeated by the Government and, despite all the LibDem huffing and puffing over the last few weeks, not a single LibDem Peer voted for any of them.

The first amendment which would have placed a duty on the Secretary of State in respect of standards of adult social care was defeated by 261 votes to 203 – with 66 LibDems voting with the Tories against the amendment.

The second amendment which would have protected the NHS from the worst effects of competition (and was originally moved by a LibDem peer) was defeated by 275 votes to 188 with 66 LibDems voting with the Tories.

The third amendment which would have retained Monitor’s role as the independent regulator of NHS Trusts was defeated by 255 votes to 183 with 65 LibDems voting with the Tories.

The fourth amendment which would have tried to limit “anti-collaborative” behaviour in the NHS was defeated by 221 votes to 171 with 58 LibDems voting with the Tories.

The fifth amendment which would have enabled NHS commissioners to determine the most effective way of delivering NHS services without necessarily putting them out to the market was defeated by 203 votes to 157 with 52 LibDems voting with the Tories.

In none of the divisions did a single LibDem vote with Labour to protect the NHS.

5 thoughts on “LibDems vote en masse against every amendment to Health and Social Care Bill”

  1. Thank you Toby and also your colleagues for continuing to fight the good fight.

    Notable that nett government approval has fallen from -22 to -27 a few days back when the NHS was in the news.

    The NHS is beginning to look like Cameron’s Poll Tax, Blair’s Second Iraq War.

  2. Many thanks, Toby for these MOST helpful News Letters. I’m much involved with my local LINk, which it can be argued, has already been ‘taken over’ by it’s Host in advance of the Privatization of the Public’s voice when HealthWatch comes about.
    Lay ‘Volunteers’ have been demoted from being Members to Participants, and our Management Committee has been re-designated as an “Advisory Group”, with few if any powers over anything. Expulsions have been initiated against those who don’t toe the new autocratic line – and the Local Authority just turns a blind eye despite appeals to the Council Leader, CEO and Portfolio holder.
    What hopes for a voice for the public / patient when Local Healthwatch [Yes that too has changed its name] is in place?

    In a time of Struggle. Solidarity !

    NOTE : Name not for publication

  3. This blog post is massively misleading.

    Watch the live feed if you want to actualy understand what happened in the HoL.

    In summary, amendments were dropped because the Government had already agreed to make changes, because other legislation is planned to deal with the issues and can be better dealt with by doing so, or because the amendments didn’t actually, after discussion, do the thing they were meant to achieve.

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