Lynne Featherstone is put in her place – on her own blog

Lynne Featherstone has become a Home Office Minister – much to her own surprise and to that of many of her constituents who did not realise that by voting for her they would be supporting a Cameron-led Government that is determined to cut public spending by 25-40%, dismantle the NHS, undermine local schools etc.

Becoming a Minister has also inevitably meant that her blogging style has become even more stilted than before – particularly following what a little bird tells me was a monumental dressing-down administered to her by her Home Office boss Theresa May, who did not like the tone of one of Lynne’s first post-appointment blogs.

So Featherlight -as she was affectionately known (for reasons I cannot fathom) when she was a member of Haringey Council – is now much more careful in what she writes.  So yesterday, there was only a slightly breathless account of the oral questions in which she had participated earlier that day in the House of Commons.

She told her excited audience:

“Today at the Dispatch Box – myself, Theresa May, Maria Miller and Andrew Stunell were all on the front bench together – in a change to how things have been done in the past. Instead of Questions to the Minister for Equalities being only for myself and Theresa – as part of mainstreaming – Maria Miller who has Ministerial responsibility for People with Disabilities (from the Department of Work and Pensions) and Andrew Stunell  (Minister for Communities and Local Government) who has responsibility for race – came together for joined up equalities questions.”

Joined up, eh?

Sounded plausible, until the first comment on the post put it in context:

Adam says:

My respect for Theresa May has just increased massively.

I totally wouldn’t trust you to answer the questions on your own either.”


3 thoughts on “Lynne Featherstone is put in her place – on her own blog”

  1. Evidently you missed Featherlite’s threads on proposals (such as they might have been, and subsequently have become) re the privacy of those accused of rape.

    Perhaps she wavers in the wind, like a wind sock?

  2. It’s like kicking a slightly demented but very annoying kitten.

    We are determined locally to get rid of her. A snap poll in my road showed a rating of 0% voting for her next time. This is a road that had nice little placards saying “Lib Dems winning here”.

    She thinks that the replies are by her “political opponents”. She doesnt seem to have registered that she has no political friends.

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