Macavity has gone! First Metropolitan Police Authority since Mayor Boris Johnson stood down

The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session and Mayor Boris Johnson is not in the Chair.  Yesterday, he announced that he was leaving the Police Authority and today he is in …..


Actually, he missed the January 2009 meeting because of a trip to Davos a year ago, but that time he didn’t feel the need to resign from the Authority, as well.  I commented then on Mayor Boris Johnson’s Macavity-like characteristics.

So what is the new Macavity-lite MPA like?

Well, Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse AM (the UVCDMKMAM as was) is in the Chair and he’s loving it!

And Jenny Jones, Dee Doocey, Caroline Pidgeon and Joanne McCartney are all behaving as if someone shot their fox (I am resisting the temptation – just – to wander off into an extended metaphor about blonde-haired Mayors, ginger cats and red foxes called Basil Brush).  Much of their fun in the last fifteen months had been trying to lure the Mayor into some lovingly constructed elephant-trap.  Ensnaring Kit Malthouse would not provide the same gratification, so instead they are trying to goad him into losing his temper.  But he is in such a good mood at finally becoming MPA Chair (technically, he is not yet Chair because there is still to be a formal confirmation process through the London Assembly, but he has already had his name-plate changed) that none of it is working ….. so far.

The first signs of irritation from him are reserved for Councillor Chris Robbins, Leader of Waltham Forest Council, who has brought along a petition asking for an extra 120 police officers for his Borough, and suggestions from Jennette Arnold that the Resource Allocation Formula should be changed.  However, he recovers his composure and sweetness and light reign:  Waltham Forest go away thinking they may get something (probably not much) and no full-blown review of the Formula is conceded.

2 thoughts on “Macavity has gone! First Metropolitan Police Authority since Mayor Boris Johnson stood down”

  1. One in the eye for Dave surely?

    He was intending to appoint Bojo as Police Commissioner and make it a post elected as part of the mayor’s duties. Now it seems Bojo doesn’t have the time . . . as Toby suggested from his experience some while back.

    These Bullingdons do not have a clue as to how to run anything, they are at the mercy of others.

    Notable that, had the Commissioner’s role been a part of Boris’ election spiel, his previous, involving accusations re complicity in bessy mate Darius Guppy’s conspiracy to beat up a journo might have been though germane.

    Even Red Ken might have thought such a personal matter relevant.

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