Madeleine McCann and the Government’s Counter-Terrorism strategy

A little bird tells me that there is great consternation in the Home Office at the news that Kate McCann’s book on the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine, is due out on 12th May. 

Is this because of fears that there may be revelations in the book about links between the British police and the rather inept Potuguese police investigation?

Apparently not. 

The real reason is that the 12th May was ear-marked by the Home Office for the publication of the Government’s new and revised CONTEST (Counter-Terrorism) Strategy.  And there is panic amongst Government spin doctors that Kate McCann’s story might upstage it.

And the likely outcome: the CONTEST Strategy will be delayed.

I am sure that will be reassuring to Al Qaeda.

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  1. Madeleine McCann, is an innocent and extremely vulnerable missing British Citizen, who deserves our UK Governments help, but also the help of the Portuguese Government. Madeleine, along with so many other missing children deserves the help of every Citizen in our world. I realize that because of the extraordinary circumstances of young Madeleine McCann’s disappearence, it seems to come from an episode of the – X-FILES. There is no need to get this carried away. You can leave this type of LUNACEY – to likes of THE so called – Madeleine Foundation, if indeed that is still allowed to exist. The FOCUS should be on helping to find Madeleine and so many other missing children in our WORLD – surely LIFE is not that CHEAP? GOD PROTECT YOU MADELEINE and ALL THE CHILDREN in our WORLD.

  2. ” rather inept Potuguese police investigation? ”

    You are very wrong about this. If You wish , must read all to know.

    The couple McCann and friends have made all with Uk Gov and Pt Gov, also . to avoid the investigation with a big cover up.,

    I am so sorry about Madeleine but with her parents??? No.

  3. Please be aware of the very young, very innocent and extremely vulnerable MISSING – BRITISH – CHILD; who’s name is Madeleine McCann, now seven years old. Madeleine disappeared from Praia da Luz, on Thursday evening, May 3rd 2007, in Portugal. Please think about keeping a lookout for Madeleine, as nobody, as far as I am aware knows where young Madeleine might be in our world. With everyones help we can bring young Madeleine back to her loving family in the United Kingdom, thankyou. For more information please visit w dot findmadeleine dot com GOD PROTECT YOU MADELEINE.

  4. Nothing to do with Clarence Mitchell still spinning on behalf of both the McCanns and the government??

  5. The incompetence of the investigation while being lead by it’s former inspector Goncalo Amaral removed hope for Madeleine when there was no proof to justify giving up on her, at a crucial stage of the investigation.

    Thank God the McCanns, HTFM and thousands of kind, good people wont give up and are still looking and inviting information that will lead to her.

    Please help by signing their petition to get the case re opened and reviewed.

  6. I agree Maria

    “Madeleine McCann, is an innocent and extremely vulnerable missing British Citizen, who deserves our UK Governments help, but also the help of the Portuguese Government.”

    Please help the search for Madeleine by signing this petition which asks for an independent and transparent review of her case. This review will hopefully find some kind of new evidence perhaps missed before, which could re-open her case. Thank you.

  7. a) The archiving of the Process concerning arguido Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code;

    b) The archiving of the Process concerning arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, because there are no indications of the practise of any crime under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

    Article 277 number 3 of the Penal Process Code is to be fulfilled.

    Under article 214 number 1 item a) of the Penal Process Code, the coercion measures that have been imposed on the arguidos are declared extinct.

    Portimão, 21.07.08

    The Republic’s Prosecutor

    (José de Magalhães e Menezes)

    The Joint General Prosecutor

    (João Melchior Gomes)

  8. The real question is why was Goncalo Amaral allowed to be in charge of Madeleine’s case in the first place, when he himself was charged with covering up torture in another missing child case before Madeleine went missing. A case I might add that he was found quilty of, just recently.

    McCann Detective Guilty Of Perjury #mccann #Madeleine #Maddie

    As Ms Morais spent most of the early days of this case smearing the McCann family and defending all Mr Amaral did, I hardly think her a reliable source of information on the case, do you? It is a well known fact that this lady mixed with some very dodgy characters, so just a word of warning.

    Perhaps it would be best to focus any attention on the case files, both the forensics report which showed no evidence of any crime carried out by Madeleines’s parents, and the archiving despatch as set out by the Attorney-General which clearly states that it will take new evidence to re-open the case. Final Report & The Archiving
    Dispatch Forensic Report

  9. Steve – Joana Morais is as twisted as Goncalo Amaral and Tony Bennett. She is a compatriot of Amaral and is certain to tell his lies as fact.

  10. For the benefit of anyone who is reading this blog, the above poster, Joana Morais, is a known close assocoate of the former lead investigator, Goncalo Amaral, and is in the habit of supporting him by spreading disinformation about the case.
    With regards to Snr Amaral’s book, the McCanns tried to ban it, and are still pursuing a libel case against Amaral, because his book promotes a thesis that has no foundation in the facts of the case, and diverges from the evidence as recorded in the official case files in many key areas.
    As for the British press not reporting the case properly, I’m afraid this falls into conspiracy theory nonsense, along with faked moon landings and who really shot JFK.

  11. I think it’s important for more people to be made aware that Amaral now has a criminal conviction for purjory. Also there is a great deal more info about him on this blog,
    Showing how he has twisted the truth in his book, and about his half a million Euros debt, threats to kill his wife and his lover and a lot more besides.

  12. I see all the desperados trying to cover the mccanns lying arses and twist the facts of this case, smear others and are out in force, laughable, shame on you, you will never win, you have no case at all

  13. Julie, it is the police who have no case at all. A thesis of death and concealment relied upon one crucial fact. That the dog alerts were positive, to justify every card used to build on that thesis.

    The forensic analysis conclusion sent to the PJ defined the results thus:

    Therefore, we cannot answer the question: Is the match genuine or is it a chance match.

    “The same applies to any result that is quoted as being too complex for meaningful inclusion/interpretation

    What questions will we never be able to answer with LCN DNA profiling?

    When was the DNA deposited?
    How was the DNA deposited?
    What body fluid(s) does the DNA originate from?
    Was a crime committed?”

    As you can see Julie. The above is available to view in the case files and one wonders why, when warned not to, the PJ included and interpreted the results which in fact is twisting the truth to add their own value to their investigation.

    As Marcus pointed out, the Portuguese Attorney General had to digest the case files and decide if there was indeed a case to be heard in court. But the AG concluded that there was no evidence to justify a case against the McCanns and he exonerated them from suspicion.

    The PJ ‘Case of Card’ came tumbling down as the result of forensic analysis. The book by Goncalo Amaral attempts to persuade the general public that the redundant thesis is believable. That is why he must lose any case against him for defamation.

  14. Julie, can you deny that Amaral has been shown to be over half a million Euros in debt? Can you imagine a British chief cop being able to carry on working in those circumstances, putting himself in a position where he is wide open to bribery or blackmail? Is that a smear or is that a verifiable and provable fact? Do you deny he threatened his wife’s life? The documents are available on the net, it’s a fact, not a smear. His affair and subsequent threat to the lives of his lover’s family, INCLUDING THEIR TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, all documented and proven. Do you chose to ignore those facts? Are they smears or are they proven? YOU chose to support a cop with a conviction for lying in court, for covering up the torture of an innocent woman. No julie, the shame is YOURS, yours and all those others who chose to support this violent and incompetent man.

  15. I would like to thank Julie for bringing to the attention of Lord Harris, his friends and followers the sort of people, and their behaviour, that the McCanns have had to suffer all this time. Despicable, dishonest and disgusting, full only of hatred and petty jealousy, they bombard any blog, comments section or website that mentions the name McCann with their bile and hatred. I did once, some time ago, write to my MP, asking if it was possible to coerce the government to tighten up the laws on incitement to hatred, to cover individuals, and not just groups. By reply he agreed that the behaviour of those who condemn the McCanns was beyond what normal society would consider acceptable, and that he had nothing but sympathy for the McCanns, but continued that the general feeling was that the current laws on incitement were sufficient. I wonder of Lord Harris, having now seen first hand what they are capable of, would agree?

  16. let there be a full open public enquiry in to the case , this way i am 100% sure that these pro mccanns who try every trick in the book to make people who genuinly seek justice for madeleine look bad will look like the idiots they must be to not see the truth behind the lies. spin doctors , million pound lawyers , media circus , you should be ashamed of yourselves. dirty perverted drs or that poor little girl. you choose the perves , thats a disgrace.

  17. A classical Catch22 situation. Their guilt could not be proven but neither their innocence.

    From the statement of the Public Prosecutor José de Magalhães e Menezes that is always missed out in the pretence of their innocence:

    “”We believe that the main damage was caused to the McCann arguidos, who lost the possibility to prove what they have protested since they were constituted arguidos: their innocence towards the fateful event; the investigation was also disturbed, because said facts remain unclarified.””

  18. I am amazed speaking as an Italian holidaying at the moment in Spain to the biased British coverage with regards to Kiesha Abrahams, my reason, there is no coverage , why is this ?. When Kiesha was alleged by her mother to have been abducted from her bed your newspapers were full of another Madeleine , now Kieshas remains have been found and the parents charged it is like an elephant in the room. One more point I have never understood ,the Portuguese law is very like our laws in Italy, there is a time span when the parents may ask for the case to remain open and not be shelved, I know for a fact the McCanns also had this opportunity instead they remained silent allowing for the case to be shelved. I was then stunned to hear only a matter of weeks later the parents claiming no one was looking for their daughter ? Mam mia what kind of country is this you do not defend a childs rights. Madeleine is the only person that matters and you English are denying her justice, in Italy this would never happen the children are our life. The parents must return to Portugal and ask for the investigation to be re-opened and for goodness sake what kind of mother does not answer police questions when her child is missing.? I do not understand your laws you are a very strange people to protect a mother who will not answer questions to find her child.

  19. Gary, I think public enquiries are to hold the institution, police and government accountable for conduct in a case. It would not be possible to hold a public enquiry in this case unless you challenge the competence of the Portuguese institution.

    Somehow I think your understanding of a public enquiry in this case is a call for trial by public and media. Mob justice no less.

    The declaration of human rights and the democratic justice system is pro anyone who is not legally a suspect of any crime. Therfore the democratic ethic is pro McCann!!

  20. Just like to ask Martin T. What loving family goes out boozing with their friends whilst leaveng their three children under the age of four in a strange environment?
    Answers on a postage stamp please Martin.

  21. Sorry, I think my above question should have been directed at Graham Perry. Sorry Martin T.

  22. Johanna, it is not up to the McCanns to prove their innocence. In Portugal, as it is in Britain, the legal standpoint is that someone IS innocent until PROVEN guilty. It would have been up to the prosecution in some court case to PROVE their guilt. Since the McCanns have never even been charged with a crime, (Because, as the Attorny General summed up, there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that they committed any crime,) then there will never BE any court case. Therefore, they ARE innocent. Simple.

  23. The Investigation was disturbed by the parents and friends, how is one supposed to investigate when a mother refuses to answer the most simple of questions and the group who claim to care about a small child refuse to return for a reconstruction? Obstruction of justice and neglect are blatant, waffling the parents are innocent until proven otherwise does not wash. The McCanns have gone out of there way to make damn sure this investigation was stopped in it’s tracks. William Adams, we do not know if they have committed any crime because they refused to co-operate with the police. Simple.

  24. Sophia, I think you are confusing the McCanns with a REAL convicted criminal, the incompetent and now proven corrupt Goncalo Amaral. We don’t need to discuss HIS case any further, do we, because he HAS been proven to have committed a crime. And far from refusing to co-operate the McCanns bent over backwards to do what they could to further the investigation. Now don’t MAKE me repeat the final summing up of the Portuguese attorny general, the bit about there being NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the McCanns committed any crime.

    Oh, and a couple of other points. The questions Kate did not answer on instructions from her lawyer had nothing whatsoever to do with finding Madeleine, (“Is it true you had a premonition before coming on holiday?”) and everything to do with falsely implicating Kate. Secondly, get your facts right, the McCanns did NOT refuse to attend a reconstruction, they AGREED, as long as it was televised. Now, you tell ME why the PJ refused to televise it?

  25. I constantly ask this question to people such as Julie, Sophia, Maria and the like, why if the McCanns committed the crime you keep insisting that they have, would they still continue the search for Madeleine four years on. If I had killed my daughter, as you insinuate, when I arrived back in the UK, instead of facing the hatred from people such as you, I would have put my head down, continued with my career, and kept a low profile. But instead they have put themselves in front of the media time and time again, publicising the fact that their precious daughter is still missing, and asking for help in finding her. The book which is to be on sale on Madeleine’s 8th birthday will give a TRUE and FAIR view of what happened on the night of 3 May 2007. I would like to know what perverted pleasure do you get from making the lives of a couple who are going through hell and back, knowing that they made the biggest mistake in their lives, having to live with the fact that they let their beautiful daughter down, and perhaps not ever seeing her again. You really do make me wonder how your minds work, and how perfect you all are.

  26. Here here Jean. Perfectly put. The people you mentioned are no better, and in many ways far worse, than those who find it amusing to go on tribute pages on Facebook, and leave horrid and sexually explicit comments about victims of tragic accidents. Disgusting and inhumane.

  27. I want the truth about what the mcCann couple and friends have done to Madeleine.

    I beleive in Gonçalo Amaral and i support Him.

    I wish and i want Justice TRUTH to Madeleine. Not Mc liars.

    I will not support never the couple Mccann.

    I beleive Madeleine died in May 2007 at O.Club.

  28. I also want the truth about Madeleine.

    I think Goncalo Amaral has a lot to answer to, including the whereabouts of Madeleine

    I want Justice and Truth – and I will get it via Kate McCann’s book

    I will support the McCanns for as long as it takes

    Madeleine DID NOT die in Apartment 5A of the Ocean Club – she was abducted from her bed by persons unknown

    I believe that she is still alive and findable – and people such as you should help look for her instead of spread malicious ideas.

  29. One more point I must ask – Why do you support Goncalo Amaral when he has done absolutely NOTHING to help the McCanns look for Madeleine. It is apparent that he made the decision that the McCanns had ‘killed’ Madeleine whilst he was eating his shrimps and tippling his wine at his favourite restaurant on the night of 3 May 2007, instead of actually going to oversee the mess that was loosely called ‘an investigation’ by his Keystone Kops.

    He is a convicted lier

    He has made thousands of euros on the back of a made up story about Madeleine – having no proof whatsoever. Using the proceeds to buy a top of the range Jaguar car, diamond ear-ring, lavish parties for his birthday. And all the time he is in debt by 1000’s of Euros. What a man!!

    He has driven his police car with his daughter by his side whilst under the influence of drink

    He is an absolute disgrace, and if this is what Portugal depend on to enforce law and order, I feel very sorry for the people.

    How can any intelligent person support such a man?

  30. Maria, you honestly believe Madeleine died in the apartment? Prove it. Amaral couldn’t. As for supporting him, I couldn’t agree more with Jean. Anyone who supports a man convicted of covering up the torture, yes torture, of an innocent woman seriously needs to have their head examined. You should hang your head in shame, condemning that poor child to her fate and attempting to persuade others to just give up on her. When Madeleine is found will you have the courage to look her in the eyes and explain to her why you were so desperate to stop others from looking for her?

  31. By their own admission the McCanns have never physically searched for thier daughter other than in the 5A appartment. Why?
    Dubious detective agency Metado3 say Maddy is being held in a hellish lair within a 10k radius of PDL, now tell me any parent in this situation who would not return to PDL and search that 10km radius?
    Mr&Mrs McCann chose to head off to meet the Pope. Why?

    Sinster? Why did Maddy go missing on Beltane day (an ancient Pagan ritual where parents would sacrafice their children in order to obtain obtain financial benefits from the gods) Why? Coincidence some might say.

    Strange then that the last known photograph of Maddy was taken at the time when the sun was at its highest point that day (all be it the photo was shopped and I can prove it) and very significant indeed.

  32. I defy anyone why says the McCanns did not physically look for their daughter – they were out in the early hours of 4 May looking for Madeleine – when all of the police officers had gone home to bed!! As for ancient Pagan rites – what a load of rubbish – together with the theory of the photograph of Madeleine being taken ‘at the time the sun was at its highest’. I really can’t understand what it has to do with her disappearance. The McCanns went to meet the Pope because they are devout Roman Catholics – and the meeting had been arranged for them because they wanted his blessing, and his prayers for their missing child. How on earth people can come up with such tripe I do not know. Over active imagination is the only explanation!

  33. Just Googled Beltane Day – Dont know where you got your information from Thomas?

    ‘Beltane / Beltaine
    30th April / 1st May
    The beginning of Summer – Summer is a comin in !
    Beltane was an important festival in the Celtic calendar. The name originates from the Celtic god, Bel – the ‘bright one’, and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning fire, giving the name ‘bealttainn’, meaning ‘bright fire’.
    This is the beginning of the ‘lighted half’ of the year when the Sun begins to set later in the evening and the hawthorn blossoms. To our ancestors Beltane was the coming of summer and fertility. Nature is in bloom and the earth is full of fecundity and life.
    TheTriple Goddess – worshipped by the Ancient Britons – at Beltane is now in her aspect of the Maiden : The May Queen, May Bride, Goddess of Spring, Flower Bride, Queen of the Fairies – a symbol of purity, growth and renewal.
    The Crone turns to stone on Beltane Eve.

    May blossom symbolises female fertility, with its creamy/ white, fragrant flowers. Hawthorn blossom was worn during Beltane celebrations, especially by the May Queen.
    It is believed to be a potent magical plant and it is considered unlucky to bring the blossom inside the house, apart from on May eve.

    Fire festivals
    Beltane is one of the four Celtic fire festivals marking the quarter points in the year – feasts were held and bonfires were lit throughout the countryside. Fire was believed to have purifying qualities – it cleansed and rejuvenated both the land and the people.

    The ritual welcoming of the sun and the lighting of the fires was also believed to ensure fertility of the land and the people. Animals were transfered from winter pens to summer pastures, and were driven between the Beltane fires to cleanse them of evil spirits and to bring fertility and a good milk yield. The Celts leapt over Beltane fires – for fertility and purification.

    Young men would circle the Beltaine fires holding Rowan branches to bring protection against evil – its bright berries suggested fire – malign powers were considered particularly active at the year’s turning-point.

    It was considered unlucky to allow anyone to take fire from one’s house on May Eve or May Day, as they would gain power over the inhabitants.

    A Beltane fire festival is held annually in Edinburgh, at Calton Hill on 30th April – a May Queen and Green Man, representing Beltane fertility and renewal lead the celebrations on the hillside.
    It says nothing about sacrificing children!!!

  34. Thomas, if you were to read the official files you will see that the McCanns said no such thing. They did search for her, as in Kate’s original statement. There are independant witness statements, also in the files, stating quite clearly that they also saw the McCanns searching till the small hours, and again the following morning. As for the 10 km radius, it was not made by Medeto 3, but by the current investigators, and it was 10 miles, not Km. I don’t think you fully understand just how big an area that covers. It’s a strip of land one mile wide streching from London to Cardif. (Do the maths.) How do you expect two people on their own, with no search warrants, to cover that big an area? The pagan rubbish I will treat with the contempt it deserves.

  35. A 10 mile radius is a large area indeed but it is only half the size when the centre point is on the coast, now if I had been my child I know where I would have been and it sure as hell would not have been to visit the pope.
    Nigel I think you are way off the mark with your calculation, do you really understand the meaning of a radius?
    As for Jean I will be back to deal with your “pagan rubbish” at a later date.

  36. There are 78.49 square miles in a five mile radius. 10 people searching would only have to cover 7.8 miles each. Not much to ask really when searching for a missing child.

  37. So now it’s shrunk by half, from ten miles to five miles? Let me assist you in your maths Thomas. The fromula for finding the area of a circle is pi x r2. So, the radius squared is 10 x 10, = 100. pi is 3.14, so times that by 100 and we get 314 square miles. Given that PdL is a costal town we can aproximatly half that, to, say for arguments sake, 150 miles. That is actually further than London to Cardiff, more like London to Exeter. So 150 square miles is a strip of land one mile wide by 150 miles long. Now to search that you don’t just walk in a straight line from one end to the other you have to criss-cross each and every square yard, to make sure you cover all the ground. Anyone can walk 7.8 miles in a straight line, but how far would you have to walk just to cover even one square mile? Not withstanding the sheer imposibility of the distance involved, how do you search houses, farms, buildings, business premises? Do you honestly think every home owner and farmer will gladly allow someone free rein of their property so you can look under every stick of furniture to see if they have a missing child? Only the Police can do that, and then they have to have a warrant. No Thomas, if you think Kate and Gerry can give up their jobs and spend the rest of their lives camped out in the Portuguese scrubs doing a job that the PJ should have done and woefully failed then you are sadly deluding yourself my friend.

  38. Apart from the first 48 hours, no, they didn’t. Or don’t those first 48 hours count? Now, proof that Kate DID physically search for Madeleine.

    FRIDAY, MAY 4: No sleep, Gerry and I started looking through the streets around 06.00 as it was starting to get light. Nobody around. Why not? Desperate.

    Apart from which most police forces would countenance against the parents of a missing child taking part in the search. The notion of a mother finding their own childs body is one that doesn’t bear thinking about. It is far better for the parents to remain at home, answering investigative questions, and being there in case the child calls on the phone, or is found and returned quickly. So Kate was not being given the best advise by the PJ, who allowed her to take part in the search.

  39. A realistic and no nonsense view of this case. In English and in Portuguese.

    Goncalo Amaral, the ex police inspector, convicted of perjury related to the torture of the mother of another missing child in a previous case. Has written a book about his own thesis on the case, which he had published in July 2008 after leaving the force at midnight on the last day of June 2008. Confirmation, I think, that he had already started writing his book before leaving the investigation.

    Goncalo’s book persuades the public that it is based on facts in the case files. Read

    The site that expands this claim to reveal that some information which is in the files as a matter of fact, does not make that information actual fact.

    If you would like to help Madeleine Beth McCann, please take a look at the following links to find out how.

    To find out how you can support the search for Madeleine and the ‘No Stone Unturned’ campaign, please visit the official campaign site.

    Please sign the petition calling for the UK and Portuguese police to re open and review the case.

  40. nigel, im new to this but kate never said she searched for 48 hours. im with thomas on this i also read somwhere ther is no evidence that the shutters were forced and that the only forensic evidence on the shutters were finger prints of kate mccann STRANGE,

  41. You’ll wait a long time Jean! The truth to the anti-Madeleines is like holy water to demons, they can’t go near it!

  42. William, what on earth do you mean anti Madeleine? nothing could be further from the truth. The antis as you call us want nothing less than justice for the child and that justice should start with the McCann’s being charged with child abandonment(just ask any agency involved in child welfare, when is it safe to leave young children on their own?) I dont expect an answer William as Im sure we both know the answer.

    As for holy water and demons if you believe in that nonsense then it comes as no surprise to me that you believe the lies of the McCann’s.

  43. Now back to Jean. As you would have noticed Jean there is more than one page on Beltane on google. May I suggest you try again, this time google Paganism and child sacrifice on Beltane day.

  44. You are an anti-Madeleine if your idea for justice for a lost and missing child is to spread lies and misinformation about her parents, doing all in your power to see that the family are never reunited again. You are an anti-Madeleine if you want to do whatever you think it needs to sabotage the search for her, including all sorts of garbage about child sacrifice on pagan holidays. I suppose it is TOO much to ask that YOU supply us with a link Thomas? After all, it’s YOUR ludicrus assinuation. You see Thomas, unlike you, I want Madeleine found alive, I want to see her brought home, amd I want justice brought to ALL those involved with her abduction, INCLUDING all those responsible for covering up and protecting those abductors, and if that includes corrupt and convicted liar cops that so much the better. As for your question about chilod welfare, I seem to remember the Social Services investigated, and their conclusions were that the parents actions were within acceptable parameters. Or else they would have brought charges. Now, how about some evidence that Madeleine died in the apartment with a sprig of Mistletoe or whatever in her mouth?

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