Madeleine McCann and the Government’s Counter-Terrorism strategy

A little bird tells me that there is great consternation in the Home Office at the news that Kate McCann’s book on the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine, is due out on 12th May. 

Is this because of fears that there may be revelations in the book about links between the British police and the rather inept Potuguese police investigation?

Apparently not. 

The real reason is that the 12th May was ear-marked by the Home Office for the publication of the Government’s new and revised CONTEST (Counter-Terrorism) Strategy.  And there is panic amongst Government spin doctors that Kate McCann’s story might upstage it.

And the likely outcome: the CONTEST Strategy will be delayed.

I am sure that will be reassuring to Al Qaeda.

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  1. Back to you Nigel, where in that utube video did Kate say they sarched for 48 hours she says “like Gerry said the first 48 hours were incredibly hard.” If like you say Nigel they did indeed search, why give up after 48 hours? My daughter is missing I think I will go for a jog……get a life.

  2. William you say abduction, there is ABSOLUTLEY no evidence she was abducted. And as for evidence that she died in 5A, dogs dont lie, like Gerry McCann would have you believe, just remember this, Eddy & Keela have a 100% record, are you realisticly trying to tell me both dogs got it wrong?

    The only evidence of abduction William is because the McCann’s say so.

  3. Take, for example, the historical documentary Madeleine Was Here. Supporting actor Dave Edgar is given the line: “It’s like I said, there are, you know, inconsistencies, you know, in every major investigation.” Whilst it may not be Shakespearean in eloquence, it is dramatic in implication. Whereas Kate McCann opens said documentary with “I just noticed that the door, the bedroom door where the three children were sleeping, was open much further than we’d left it,”

    How on earth did Kate know the position of the door, since Gerry had done his final check at around 10.05 pm and she (kate) was not present?

    Answers please.

  4. And there is NO evidence that she died in the apartment. All we have is the vengful witterings of a convicted liar who SAYS she died there. No evidence of abduction? You mean apart from five fingerprints on the window, three of which have NOT been identified? (In the files.) Or TWO sets of DNA not yet identified? (In the files.) TWO eye witness accounts of a man seen carrying a child away from the apartment? (In the files.) Mind you, in order to FIND evidence, first you have to LOOK for it, and we all know a certain criminal prefered to sit on his fat backside in his favourite resturant, downing shrimp and wine. As for Eddie and Keela, well we all know the answer to that, don’t we?


    Further reading,

    What Grime ACTUALLY said,
    Grime says about Eddie:
    “In six years operational deployment in over 200 cases the dog has never alerted to meat based foodstuffs.”

    NOT the same as 100% success rate.

    “They find, however, and give the alert for dried blood from a live human being.”

  5. One last point William, why dont you jog on down to your local social services office and ask them when it is okay to leave young children on their own while you go out drinking with your buddies. It would seem you think this is acceptable behaviour, god help your children if your have any.

    If this had been a family on a council estate doing as the McCann’s had done, social services would no doubt have come down on them like a tone of bricks.

  6. William why are you lying? There were only one set of fingerprints on the window and we all know whos, none other tan Kate’s
    As for DNA we know you are lying on that one, this was an appartment that has been used by thousands of families over the years, so to say there were only two sets of unidentified DNA is total nonsense, deal in facts buddy not what you read in the sun.

  7. Thomas, your original point was that Kate aparently admitted to not physically searching for Madeleine. Now you ask why she gave up after fourty eight hours. Are you now conceding that Kate did indeed physically look for her? (I refer you once again to her diary entry for May 4th.) And who said they gave up? Who do you think spent hours and days going around putting up posters in shop windows? As I said, there is only so much one couple can physically do by themselves. It is always supposed to be the responsibility of the police to search for a missing person. As for jogging, everyone has a diferent way of coping with stress. The McCanns are very athletic and sporting, so jogging would be a narural coping reaction for them.

  8. Adrian, get your facts right, the McCanns want a review of the case not a re-opening, if they want it reopened all they have to do is ask. Please tell me what a review would result in?

  9. I read the files, BUDDY, not the Sun! FIVE fingerprints, one of which was a GNR cop. TWO sets of DNA, recorded in the files as not identified. Deal with it, BUDDY.

  10. Send the link to the files William. Again like I said earlier, why would there not be DNA and fingerprints in an appartment that had been lived in by thousands befoehand?

    Just one thing William, what does it say in the official files regarding the shutters being “jemmied”?

  11. Nigel, you clearly dont understand plain English so from now on I will not reply to your nonsense. Jog on while your child is missing.

  12. How on earth did Kate know the position of the door, since Gerry had done his final check at around 10.05 pm and she (kate) was not present?

    Answers please.

  13. I’m sick of hearing this myth that all the McCanns have to do is ask for the case to be reopened and it will be. It’s quite simply a big fat lie. The next stage, after the shelving would have been Instruction. That requires clear suspects, clear evidence. As all the argiudos had just been cleared, there was neither. Those who propagate this lie do it for their own reasons, but they should rememer that a child is missing and this is not a game.
    It’s fact also that no DNA swabs were taken from that apartment until months afterwards. It had been relet several times in between.

    There were also 17 hairs collected in the apartment, on the first sweep, which were never identified. Oh, and the 10 people who gave a startlingly similar description of a man walking through the streets of PDL with a child in his arms, who looked just like Madeleine, on the night of May 3rd. He was ‘tanned, not a tourist’.
    In most countries this would be evidence of an abduction but for some odd reason not in Portugal.

  14. Let’s face it Thomas you don’t agree with the facts as they have been stated. You are an ardent McCann disbeliever, and you will never be convinced that Madeleine was abducted, the McCanns are innocent of any crime, and the dogs were absolute rubbish. You have made your mind up by reading the lies of a convicted perjurer, and nothing we say will change that. My opinion is that Madeleine was abducted on 3 May 2007, she was not killed in the apartment, Goncalo Amaral should be questioned regarding the disappearance of Madeleine, Tony Bennett should be sued for spreading lies and slander, the case should be reviewed and consequently reopened, Madeleine is alive and findable. I also think that you should have some apathy, at least for the little girl, who was taken from her bed, away from her loving parents, who made a dreadful mistake, and will pay for it for the rest of their lives. They really don’t need people like you, who seem to get great pleasure in continuing with the tirade of abuse and hateful comments, and rubbish about Pagan rites.

  15. And Thomas – as far as child abandonment is concerned – Kate and Gerry did not abandon their children – they and their friends checked on them every half hour – and that, as far as the Child Protection Agencies are concerned is not classed as child abandonment. They and many other families in the Ocean Club complex did exactly the same as the McCanns. If they had requested the service the Ocean Club provide, a children’s nanny would go to each door, listen (not even go in to the apartment) and if she heard crying she would go back to the reception and they would page the parents concerned. That service was less than the parents were doing. My daughter has a friend who actually worked for Mark Warner and they do exactly that. That was the extent of their child minding service!!

  16. Taken from Writing the Wrongs

    Mccann-doubters are foaming at the mouth (again!). The object of their ire this time is a long overdue and welcome report by the UK National Policing Improvement Agency critiquing the use of cadaver sniffer dogs in criminal investigations. They see “conspiracy” in a coincidence of timing of a news story about the report by [i]Sky News[/i] just as publication of Kate’s eagerly awaited book is imminent. Characteristically, they miss something much more significant.
    The report suggests two things. The first is that trained reactions of a cadaver dog can hinder rather than help an investigation. Deaths at home are common. Services in the UK and, no doubt, elsewhere in the world, enable terminally ill people to opt to be cared for at home in the final stages of their illness until death. And checking is not always straightforward. My father died at home of cancer. The house is sold and subsequent owners will have no idea. But a sniffer dog would possibly detect a cadaver scent. The other potential non-sequitur is blood. Cadaver dogs react to the scent of blood and while finding blood can be invaluable, too often, blood lost for reasons unrelated to crime prompt reactions in cadaver dogs. How that fact blighted the Madeleine investigation is well documented elsewhere and I shan’t repeat it here.
    The second finding of the report is more disturbing: lack of unified or nationally agreed common standards in the deployment of cadaver dogs. There are a number of examples from the Madeleine investigation:
    At least 3 instances of ambiguous signals by Eddie.
    Using the cadaver dog to inspect clothes (3 months after Madeleine’s disappearance) despite him having no formal trained response to indicate individual items.
    Eddie picking things up in his mouth (including a tee-shirt of one of Madeleine’s then baby twin siblings).
    Disregard of the risk of potentially contaminated clothing contaminating other items by the way clothes were packed and moved.
    Grime not dressing in the protective clothes of his trade during inspection of residental villas and in the gymnasium.
    Items reacted to not being forwarded to the forensic laboratory in Birmingham.
    Identifying stickers in the back of the car of principal interest in the inspection of the vehicles.
    Moreover, in the Haut de la Garenne investigation in Jersey, it was always likely that children living cheek-by-jowl would lose blood, one way or another.
    Mark Harrison, who works for the National Policing Improvement Agency (which produced the report) will have observed at first hand Martin Grime and his dogs in action.

  17. Aw Jeez, not the old ‘They only have to ask’ chestnut AGAIN? (sound of head hitting desk!) NO Thomas, they CANNOT just breeze into a Portuguese office and politely ASK for the case to be reopened and you DAMN well know it. They have already tried, twice, and been sent away with a flea in their ear. The case will ONLY be reopend WHEN, and NOT before, new evidence is presented, and we all know what happens when new evidence is presented, don’t we Thomas? Pavia chucks it in the rubbish bin marked ‘Not relavant to the case.’ THAT is why the McCanns want a REVIEW of the evidence, to see if something has been overlooked or lost in translation. IF, God willing, they find something, THEN they can ask for it to be reopened. NOW do you understand?

  18. “Just one thing William, what does it say in the official files regarding the shutters being “jemmied”?”

    Glad you asked Thomas! The files say nothing about the shutters being jemmied, because the McCanns never said it! They said in thier statements that they left the patio doors closed but unlocked, and said that right from the start. You really should stop listening to Bennett, he hasn’t got a scoobies about this case. It was a relative back here in England who told a journalist that Gerry called, saying someone had ‘Broken in and took Madeleine’ and the journalist then added the jemmied shutters bit when he also found out that the windows, previously shut, were found open.

  19. Goncalo Amaral, first chief in charge of the case.

    Half a million Euros in debt from several years BEFORE Madeleine went missing.

    Threatened his wife with death.

    Had an affair with a young married woman.

    When she dumped him he threatend the lives of his bit of fluff’s husband and TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER.

    Known and seen to be a heavy drinker, eye witness reports tell of him driving police cars under the influence, sometimes with his own little girl in the car.

    Wrote a book which on closer examination twists and distorts the facts about the abduction of Madeleine.

    Oversaw the beating and torture of a mother who’s own daughter disapeared just a few miles from where Madeleine was abducted.

    Convicted of lying in court under oath.

    A convicted criminal.

    YOU can fall down and worship this disgusting man Thomas, but I NEVER will.

  20. Heart specialist Gerry McCann rang his sister Trish in Scotland after Maddy vanished from her cot placed between two-year-old twins Sean and Amelie.

    Trish revealed yesterday: “He was breaking his heart, saying ‘Madeleine’s been abducted, she’s been abducted’.”

    Trish said: “When Kate checked, she came out screaming. Maddy had gone. The door was open and the window in the bedroom and shutters were jemmied open. Nothing had been touched and no valuables taken.”

  21. Michelle Thompson saying what Kate said is NOT the same as what Kate herself ACTUALLY said. So try again Thomas, and find KATE’S statement, and tell me where SHE said the shutters were forced.

  22. thomas

    so far you have got three elementary facts wrong

    1) the area that was searched. You stated 5 miles, not 10 miles radius. How come you made that mistake when it had just been quoted?

    2) The area being searched by the PI’s is equivalent to the distance from Cardiff to London in a I mile band. That estimate by Nigel Nessling is extremely conservative.
    The distance should be more like 160 miles by 1 mile allowing for the fact that appartment 5A is well back from the seafront, the coast is curved and pi [in pi r(squared) = area] is 3.142 rather than 3.00. You seemed not to even have noticed that Mr Nessling had taken account of it being a semi circle.

    Are you seriously expecting two people to find their missing daughter in such a vast area?

    3) You seem unable to even get the time that Gerry checked the children wrong. He checked them at approximately 9.05pm NOT 10.05pm. Madeleine had been missed by that time.

    So many errors in a few answers … and there are more … thomas, you are sounding bigotted, and frantic, to keep taking on board myths all the time, rather than facts.

    May I respectfully suggest that you read the official PT case files rather than blindly follow the spiel of the likes of Tony Bennett and Goncalo Amaral and the gutter press. Then, if you still wish, comment.

  23. thomas
    April 30th, 2011 at 22:36
    Adrian, get your facts right, the McCanns want a review of the case not a re-opening, if they want it reopened all they have to do is ask. Please tell me what a review would result in?
    The case wont re open until new evidence lands in the lap of the PJ. The only people seeking new evidence are the McCanns and their PI’s. It is recognised good practice, when trying to find an answer to a problem, to review all the information gathered. This more often than not reveals that the key solution has been there all the time, but overlooked.

    A review is one way to possibly find something, previously overlooked.

    It is a myth that the McCanns can officially ask for the case to be reopened without first providing new evidence.

  24. William, you know full well I will never find that as Kate refused to answer all 48 questions put to her by the police. But perhaps you could explain why a friend would lie in a regoratory statment and why would Gerrys sister tell a similar lie?

  25. ‘Jon Corner, a close friend of Mrs McCann and godparent of the twins, said she telephoned him in the middle of the night distraught.

    He said: “She just blurted out that Madeleine had been abducted. She told me, ‘They have broken the shutter on the window and taken my little girl.’

  26. Jill Renwick, a family friend, told GMTV on 04 May: “She’s obviously been taken as she couldn’t have gone out on her own and the shutters had been forced open.”

  27. thomas

    Kate Mccann is not an engineer. Most women are not.

    She was distraught beyond distraught. Her mind in a whirl.

    It was her INITIAL impression that the abductor had entered via the window. It had been left locked and in order to have entered by that route, he would have had to have broken the shutter.

    Just her distraught impressions


  28. William, you know full well I will never find that as Kate refused to answer all 48 questions put to her by the police. But perhaps you could explain why a friend would lie in a regoratory statment and why would Gerrys sister tell a similar lie?

    Oh dearie, dearie me! What a pickle you have got yourself into Thomas! YOU claimed KATE said the shutters were forced. I asked where KATE HERSELF said the shuters were forced, and you come up with saying you can’t because she didn’t answer the 48 questions? Well, two points Thomas. Firstly, if she didn’t answer the questions, how could she have said what you claimed? Secondly, and MOST importantly, bearing in mind what you said, NONE, not ONE of the questions had anything to do with shutters, windows or jemmies! Oh dear Thomas! Now then, the reason you can’t find one single file that shows KATE HERSELF claiming the shutters were forced is


    Whatever she assumed or speculated and said to her friends or relatives is simply heresay, which, in case you didn’t know, would be inadmissable in any court case, should it ever come to that.

  29. Now Thomas, perhaps YOU can answer a question for me. Why did Amaral wait almost three months, after the apartment had been let, cleaned and let again, several times, before he finally got the notion it might possibly be a good idea to make it an official crime scene? Why wait that long to bring in sniffer dogs, by which time any remaining evidence would have been degraded or contaminated?

    Answer please.

  30. thomas

    Many people now think that at least two people were involved in the abduction and the window was opened for a variety of reasons:

    To give the impression that this window was the route in, and take away thought and investigation from the more probable way in via the front door … using a key (so possibly staff involved).

    To give the impression that Madeleine had wandered, so no-one would search for an abductor

    To allow fumes to disperse (chloroform, or possibly similar)

    To allow natural (street) light in and reduce the need to use torches

    Also the gentle light would not disturb the rooms occupants

    To give verbal support to the actual lifter of Madeleine

    To be able to warn if someone was coming.

    To pass things in and out.
    Most likely Madeleine was carried out through the front door

    Kate could not have gathered her thoughts at this early stage and knowing the shutter had been left locked, then seeing it open, would naturally think it had been broken from the outside.

    She was in no fit state to analyse the situation.

  31. William, just how dumb are you. Four friends and family of the McCanns have told us what was said in telephone calls, how on earth can four independent people get it so wrong or are they all liars?

  32. Thomas, calm down dear, calm down! Nobody is calling anybody a liar! I asked you to point me to an OFFICIAL STATEMENT where Kate said the windows were forced, and you can’t. Kate and Gerry never changed their story. They never officially stated that the windows were forced. What was said to family and friends we may never know because no one was there in an official capacity to record it. Personally I would not be suprised if Kate DID think the wondow was forced. It’s a logical assumption. You leave your kid in her bed, the window is shut. You come back, your kid is gone and the window is open. That would certanly be MY first thought. But the bottom line is, they said right from the get-go the door was closed but not locked, they never claimed officially that the window was forced. IF they said it at all it was in the heat of the moment to family or friends. Now please move on and answer MY question, IF you can.

  33. Sadie, I am in full agreement with you re two or more abductors. Personally I think one entered by the door, took Madeleine, maybe drugging her with a Chloroform rag first or maybe not, opened the window from the inside, (Remember, there are three smudged prints not yet identified.) passed Madeleine out to an accomplace, then left by the door again. Quick, simple, easy. The two then split up, and Madeleine is gone. There were fifteen minutes on average between checks, this could be done in thirty seconds or less.

  34. William, by the time the Mccanns were interviewed by the police they knew they could not claim the shutters had been forced as the forensic people had proved beyond all doubt that this was not the case.

  35. William, perhaps you could point me in the direction of the file which says there were 3 smudged prints

  36. thomas
    May 1st, 2011 at 20:19
    William, by the time the Mccanns were interviewed by the police they knew they could not claim the shutters had been forced as the forensic people had proved beyond all doubt that this was not the case
    Ok, lets hypathetically consider that they did say jemmied or broken into.

    It was inevitable that forensics would prove a lie.

    Which is why they didn’t lie. Knee jerk reaction or making sense of what happened, but a lie to deceive would be futile and they are not stupid enough to realise that lying about a jemmied window would pass the police by.

    Knee jerk and making sense of it in a moment of time.

  37. Adrian

    Totally agree.

    IF Kate DID say that, then it was making sense in her whirling/ distressed mind of what happened in a moment of time.

    She had left the window and shutter locked. Someone had come in via that window and shutter (so it appeared and so she thought at the time). Therefore they must have forced it in her sate of mind at that moment.

    However there is no valid record of her even saying that!

    Clutching at straws a bit there, thomas

  38. “William, perhaps you could point me in the direction of the file which says there were 3 smudged prints”


    Report by Irene Trovão, Assistant Specialist 2007/05/04

    At 11:00am on 4 May 2007 I, IT, assistant-specialist, began to examine the following location:
    At apartment 5A, Ocean Club:
    – Side of the patio door: One adequate print recovered but not matched to known persons.
    – Outside of one patio door: Eight inadequate prints were recovered.

    – Outside of [the other] patio door: One inadequate print was recovered.

    – Outside of the external blinds to the children’s bedroom: Three inadequate prints were recovered.

    Report by Irene Trovão, Assistant Specialist 2007/05/18

    This morning Officer Silva delivered various fingerprints belonging to his officers who were on duty at the apartment on the night of 3 – 4 May 2007.
    These were compared to the finger print which was identified as being that of Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa of the Lagos GNR.

  39. Best laugh of the week, “please sign the parent’s petition”. You only have to look at what their Portuguese lawyer said publicly and that is they do not want the case reopened. Its all spin and some people lacking in the grey matter department fall for the hype, fools! The remaining others need to open their eyes to the reality of what the parents did.

    Loving “The Sun” headlines for tomorrow, Kate has visions of Madeleine alone and screaming! I bet she was Kate but the Tapas was fun aye? Funny, there were no charges brought for neglect hmm, because I would say that headline alone is evidence of harm.

    Please tell me which parents would play a tennis tournament the day after their daughter “disappeared”. Then leave their remaining children in the same complex creche whilst the parents of the “missing” girl goes running.

    Anyway please buy the book all, the parents need the money, 4million doesn’t go far what with international extradition lawyers, defence lawyers, international PR people, first class travel and oh, mortgage payments. The limited company needs YOU! and YOUR money NOW. Somehow less than 20% of the cash has gone to the search for Madeleine, please help NOW!!!

  40. Oh, William Adams, just a point about Goncalo Amaral. You can criticise all you want about this man, but remember this:-


    Obviously you have greater more superior powers of investigation than both countries forces together lol!!

    On a final note, does it worry you that Leicestershire Police have retained matter relating to the investigation and will not disclose it until the perpetrators are brought to justice. Considering the only suspects thus far were the parents I would say it is pretty worrying, would you?

  41. Wow Justice Jones – what a cynical person you are!! For your information the McCanns were not the only suspects – do you forget the first person to be named was Robert Murat. According to information he, his girlfriend, and the Russian were under more suspicion than Madeleine’s parents. I still wonder why the Russians car was set alight, together with one or two other ‘out of the ordinary’ occurances the few days after the abduction of Madeleine, such as the hiring of a car unnecessarily, and the wiping of computer hard drives. By the way, what was the same conclusion that both forces came to? I seem to remember that the McCanns were cleared of any charges, and the British police have agreed completely with the Portuguese authorities. Another point on which you are misinformed – the parents DID NOT play a tennis tournament the day after Madeleine disappeared – where on earth did you dream that up from. As for them running, you must be so thick not to understand that people deal with stress in different ways, some have to do something physical. In their case they ran. As far as the neglect charge is concerned, I will repeat what has been said many times before, the McCanns DID NOT neglect their children, they were checked every half hour. This in the eyes of the law does not constitute neglect, and I wish people would get it through their thick skulls – NEGLECT IS NOT AN ISSUE. Now please go crawl under the stone you came from!!

  42. Jean, you must forgive Justice Jones, he suffers from the same malady as all the anti-Madeleines, an over active imagination! Not so much a problem in itself, but it can lead to all sorts of trouble when they start to believe their own fetid ramblings.

    Now then JJ, let’s have a look at what you say, shall we? Jean has already covered the mythical tennis tournament, so we need not dwell on that one. Leicestershire police? They reached the same conclusion? As far as I am aware they published NO conclusions whatsoever. And if they did, would that be the same conclusion as the Portuguese Attorny General, i.e. that there is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that the McCanns committed any crime? Now, what evidence have they witheld? You don’t know because they witheld it! Now IF they had something incriminating on the McCanns, don’t you think they would have shared it with the PJ? Oh, and incidentally, the McCanns were NEVER, EVER made suspects in THIS country, despite the smears spread around by the likes of the Madeleine foundation.

    One final note. If the Leicestershire police had ANY doubts about the McCanns, then why do they have a link on their website to the official Find Madeleine website? I remember the bald solicitor trying oh so hard to order them to remove it and failing miserably!

  43. Just a note to say to anyone reading this – I have read the first part of Kate’s book in the Sun today, and what a heartbreaking exercise that was. Anyone with a heart wouldn’t feel anything but sadness and empathy towards the McCanns. What on awful burden they have to bear, to think that their beautiful Madeleine may be in the hands of a paedophile. It really doesn’t bear thinking about, and it sometimes crosses my mind, but I instantly push it to one side, because I feel deep down that she is being reasonably treated. I will always stand by my theory, that she was taken by gypsies, and is being used to beg and steal, and one day soon she will be found. I can’t bring myself to think any other. Even if you are an ‘anti-McCann’ or a ‘pro-McCann’ please sign the petition. That way you will be helping Madeleine.

  44. As if to lend credence to this scurrilous speculation, Kate McCann herself offers an explanation as to how criminals at leisure in Praia da Luz can still have an eye for an opportunity. They could, for instance, read the notes made by a receptionist when taking orders for dinner and gain some understanding of the client’s movements thereby; something Kate had discovered from reading the files. How careless can people be?

    Translating the P.J. files cost the McCanns approximately £100,000, apparently. They felt it necessary because they did not speak Portuguese, the native tongue of the receptionist who made the written observation (about the McCanns’ intention to leave their children alone in their apartment) in a staff message book (kept at a pool-side desk if one believes the Daily Mail, the Tapas restaurant reception according to the Daily Mirror); the book that is not to be found archived among the Tapas reservation sheets recorded by the P.J., nor anywhere else among the files for that matter, whether one searches them using the word ‘staff,’ ‘message,’ or ‘book.’ Whatever is the case, Kate, who does not speak Portuguese, claims to have read it – in translation, surely.

    Just so as not to accused of plagiarism, the above exctract came from written by Dr Martin Roberts. But what a very interesting observation he has made here.

    I too have searched the files for the afformentioned “book”.

    Anyone with a link to this in the files would be much appreciated.

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