Madeleine McCann and the Government’s Counter-Terrorism strategy

A little bird tells me that there is great consternation in the Home Office at the news that Kate McCann’s book on the disappearance of her daughter, Madeleine, is due out on 12th May. 

Is this because of fears that there may be revelations in the book about links between the British police and the rather inept Potuguese police investigation?

Apparently not. 

The real reason is that the 12th May was ear-marked by the Home Office for the publication of the Government’s new and revised CONTEST (Counter-Terrorism) Strategy.  And there is panic amongst Government spin doctors that Kate McCann’s story might upstage it.

And the likely outcome: the CONTEST Strategy will be delayed.

I am sure that will be reassuring to Al Qaeda.

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  1. Guilty people with a secret to hide do NOT spend all day, every day, jumping up and down, saying, ‘Look at me.’ End of.

  2. Who is jumping up and down saying “Look at me”?
    If you have no constructive input best say nothing William.

  3. turbonutterbastard

    My question to you is how do you know the note was written in Portuguese, especially as a great many staff within the Ocean Club were English. Perhaps the restaurant booking was taken by one such member, therefore the note would be in English would it not?

  4. Jean.
    I never said I knew anything. I simply asked if anyone had link to such “book” in the PJ files in order to back up the above statment by Dr Roberts.
    In future Jean please read carefully before jumping to conclusions.

  5. Jean.
    I never said I knew anything. I simply asked if anyone had a link to the PJ files relating to the “book” in order to back up the observation made by Dr Roberts.
    Please read comments carefullly Jean before jumping to conclusions.

  6. Francesca
    What a preposterous theory – this person must surely write make believe stories to have thought this one up. How on earth did the McCanns ever get all the people involved to corraberate with each other. This version of events means that practically everyone in the Ocean Club knew about Madeleine’s ‘demise’ 24 hours before it was announced to the world’s press, and all involved sworn to secrecy. May I ask what did they do with her body after storing it in the wardrobe? I also reiterate my question, if the McCanns committed such a heinous crime why are they still courting the world asking for help to find Madeleine four years on instead of keeping a low profile, knowing that they had ‘got away with it’. No one has yet answered that very important question. Any one who believes the senario in the link you have posted wants their head examining.


    Life is a journey of experience we all have to take. Along that journey we must all make mistakes; without mistakes there can be no experience to value, learn from and pass on. Everybody knows, or should know, the wise saying, ‘To err is human, to forgive is divine’; words that express that we must all be prepared to forgive mistakes because we all make them, we all learn from them and that is what makes us human.
    Life presents each of us, as individuals, with our own trials and challenges to overcome and turn into positives, which allow us to continue our individual journeys. We can also learn from the experience of others and when we see positive results from somebody else’s experience, we will benefit from learning how mistakes were turned into that positive. This can have a profound value for us and, indeed, society itself.
    Kate and Gerry McCann and their family have found their journey took them on a path none of us would wish upon anybody. Finding a member of the family suddenly missing, a beloved daughter, Madeleine, a child whose fate is still unknown.
    I have bought and read Kate’s book, Madeleine. I thank Kate with all my heart for sharing this insight into a family dealing with the tragedy of missing a loved one, taken away without trace. The book shares their hopes and fears, the happy memories and nightmares, the feeling of being helpless and the dogged determination to never, ever, give up working to find Madeleine. The challenge of relying on a police force with language and culture barriers, of being arguido’s to being exonerated from suspicion and then realising the case to find Madeleine had gone cold as far as law enforcement is concerned. Then there are the ramifications of relying upon the media to help publicise the missing child. The need these days for good PR when courting the media and experiencing how the media can be a foe as well as friend. The high publicity invited the good, the mad and the bad via the 21st century equivalent of the gossipers, Chinese whisperers, conspiracy theorists and perfect people who never make mistakes from the Internet, probably because their virtual selves are exonerated from having feelings of a human nature. Yet Kate and Gerry have learned to get past the negatives and have achieved success, breaking new ground at every step that positively and practically benefits all missing children and adults.
    What have I learned from the book? Kate and Gerry made the same mistake thousands upon thousands of people have made through generations, being lulled into a false sense of security on holiday. Yet how many of us have taken safety for granted of the baby listening services and drop in nanny services until the McCanns, providing that level of care, were taken advantage of by an abductor? Madeleine’s disappearance has been a wakeup call for everyone to learn from, including legitimate and legal holiday child care businesses.
    I have also learned how much the love for a missing child can move mountains. Kate and Gerry have certainly moved mountains; from a mistake to giving Madeleine the biggest hope of being found alive and returned home despite the negatives they must conquer on their journey. The campaign to publicise Madeleine, the wonderful and kind people who volunteer their support and practical help, the determination of HTFM – the Helping to Find Madeleine awareness campaign group – the generosity of the public, all met with hard work, strong love and successful campaigning by the family themselves. The book records the plight of all missing children through Madeleine: the mistakes, the experience, the tough and tragic road travelled by the family and the best route to find the path where Madeleine has been taken along, on her uninvited journey, to meet once again in the future.
    I recommend that everyone go out and buy this book, share the McCann family journey, for the sake of shaping our own journey, becoming more positive about the plight of missing children and help structure the solution to their plight. Thank you, Kate, for sharing your journey, which is a record of your love and fighting determination for your daughter, Madeleine, and for all your family.

  8. Jean – that must have taken a while to write. I’ll keep my response short. How do you explain the cadaver/blood dogs, the deleted texts, the many contradictions in the McCann’s and their friends statements and subsequent TV interviews, the continued use of a former government spin doctor four years on, the personal involvement of two Prime Ministers, the Gaspar statements etc etc.

  9. Steve – My previous entry wasn’t written by me, I just copied and pasted it from another very caring person. I hope you read it and digested it thoroughly, because despite your negative thoughts on the abduction of Madeleine, this is what the majority of people feel. As far as the cadaver/blood dogs are concerned – it has been noted many times that they are far from accurate in their findings, I can’t remember the percentages of failures but it is quite significant. If you watched the video of one of them in the car park in Praia da Luz he shows more interest in a brick wall than he does any car. In actual fact Mr Grimes has to stand by the car and direct him to it before any reaction is made. Apparently one of them went mad over an old coconut shell in Jersey! This, together with the fact that the findings of cadaver dogs are not regarded as proof of any kind in America, and are not used in court for any reason. Regarding your point about the many contradictions made by the McCanns and their friends, I wonder if you could remember exactly what happened, or what was said, if a child of yours had been taken from its bed in the middle of the night. I think not. Anyway, these contraditions should be regarded as truth, as if their stories had matched perfectly surely then it would appear that they had rehearsed them so that they were word perfect. Then I would have regarded it as extremely suspicious. Re the continued use of a former government employee (not a spin doctor as you state – that was Alister Campbell’s job – and what a good job he made of it too). Clarence Mitchell was sent to help Gerry and Kate McCann in the first instance when he was employed by the government, but he was asked to continue the job of looking after the McCanns by Brian Kennedy, who paid his salary. There is nothing suspicious there. Your point about the two Prime Ministers – Gordon Brown was brought into the picture because Madeleine is a minor, she is a British citizen and the abduction happened in a foreign country. David Cameron has continued because of public demand, the resources are there, the expertise is needed from the Metropolitan police, and the fact that any thorough enquiry into Madeleine’s disappearance could help a great many other children. Re the Gaspar statements – as far as I can see these were malicious stories, and really don’t have anything to do with the abduction of Madeleine. The McCanns are guilty of being too relaxed in a holiday environment (of which we are all guilty of) – nothing more. Nothing you say should take away the fact that Madeleine is still missing, I hope to God that she is findable if the right people do the job that should have been done four years ago.

  10. “I wonder if you could remember exactly what happened, or what was said, if a child of yours had been taken from its bed in the middle of the night.”

    For starters it wasn’t the middle of the night. And if it had happened to me I would certainly remember whether I’d left them in a locked or unlocked apartment. Just why did they initially say the apartment had been entered through a broken window but when it was shown that the window had not been broken they changed their story to say the door was unlocked?

    As for the dogs I just because a piece of coconut was found in Jersey does not mean the dogs did not scent cadaver or blood. What it really means is that no forensic evidence was found to back up the dogs (as you say the dogs cannot be used as evidence in themselves). Strange that the apartment had been very thoroughly cleaned, so much so that no DNA trace of Madeleine could be found even though she had been there for several days – Gerry had to go back to Leicester to bring back a hair off a pillow at home.

    Sorry but there are too many things that do not add up. Time will tell I guess.

  11. Quoted from Kate McCann’s book
    1. We exited via the patio doors at the back, facing the restaurant and pool area, just as we had done the three previous nights. There was a lamp on in the sitting room. The long curtains on the inside of the glass doors were drawn and the doors themselves closed but not locked.
    2. As I ran back into the children’s room the closed curtains flew up in a gust of wind. My heart lurched as I saw now that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside raised all the way up.
    Nowhere does she say that the door was locked and the apartment had been entered through a broken window, and she has never changed her story.

    I now have a question for you, which I have been asking the doubters for quite some time and have never received an answer.
    If you had committed such a heinous crime, such as killing your child, or found her dead through some sort of accident, and covered up the ‘crime’ by ‘getting rid’ of the body. Then been made arguidos by the Portuguese police, and some weeks later, even though the arguido status was still in force, being able to fly home. When you arrived in GB would you not have breathed a sigh of relief that you had ‘got away’ with the crime of the century, under the noses of the Portuguese and British police, and all of the world’s reporters. Then would you not have gone home and got on with your life as it was before. Kate as a practicing GP and Gerry as a heart surgeon. That would seem the most sensible thing to do, rather than advertise that your child is still missing, you are in a living hell, and you want as much publicity as possible so that she will not be forgotten. And this is still happening four years after she was abducted.
    Can you tell me your theory behind their actions? Because I sure as hell can’t fathom it out if they are guilty!

  12. As far as the cleaning of the apartment is concerned – this was instigated by the Ocean Club and their cleaners went in. The British dogs arrived weeks after Madeleine had been abducted, and if I remember rightly two families stayed in the apartment between time. It has also been stated that before the McCanns arrived in 5A a man who was staying there cut himself shaving and could not stop the bleeding for appoximately one hour, during that time he was wandering around the apartment. This would most probably explain why dried blood was found on the floor, because it certainly wasn’t Madeleine’s.
    During the first crucial hours that Madeleine was missing the police did nothing. They didn’t seal off the apartment, they let the world and his wife wander through, and the British forensic department said that there was cigarette ash in the DNA that was found in the apartment. It was one oclock before the ‘real’ police arrived, they took a few statements and then left, and said they would be back at 9 a.m. the next day. Sorry, I don’t know what you think of that type of policing, but I feel that the Keystone Kops could have done a better job!! Madeleine did not stand a chance from day one.

  13. Of course Kate only gives one version of events in the book about unlocked doors. However in May 2007 Gerry told their relatives back home that the window had been “jemmied” and only changed the story once it had been established that the window had not in fact been tampered with.

    As for keeping a low profile when the apparently sensible thing to do would be to disappear they wouldn’t be the first criminals to do so – off the top of my head Ian Huntley comes to mind.

  14. It wasn’t Gerry that said the window had been jemmied, it was his sister when she was interviewed on 4 May. This may have been a presumption on her part, as Gerry would have said the window was open when Kate discovered Madeleine missing? And as for the unlocked door – it was stated right from the start that the patio doors were left unlocked.
    As far as Ian Huntley is concerned – he didn’t keep the pretence up for four years – he was sussed quite quickly. Look it up on Google – the girls went missing on 4 August and Ian Huntley and Maxine Carr were arrested on 17 August. That is no time at all, therefore your point is rubbish. I think it would be practically impossible to keep a crime such as killing your own child secret for such a length of time – even for intelligent people such as doctors!!
    Therefore, you still haven’t answered my question – why did they not continue with their lives as normal knowing that they had ‘got away with their crime’. Instead they have courted publicity, suffered no end of hate mail, had a crooked cop write a book trying to convince people he had evidence of the crime (which to date he hasn’t produced), when both the Portuguese and British police have found them NOT GUILTY of any crime. AND they still stick to their story by publicising the fact that Madeleine is still missing four years on? How on earth can you say that they are not telling the truth ?????????????????

  15. The Portuguese and British Police did not find them Not Guilty nor did they clear them. The case was archived as there was insufficient evidence (note: not no evidence) and can be re-opened if new evidence comes to light. There’s been plenty of “cold cases” solved a few years after they happened so hopefully Scotland Yard can come up with something.

    As for their ability to keep up the public profile, that works both ways, don’t you think after four years they would have wanted to take a back seat. I can’t think of any other similar case where relatives of a missing person have kept up such a high profile especially keeping a personal spokesman and very expensive lawyers. I can’t help thinking they do protest too much! But I guess we’ll need to agree to disagree on that.

  16. I don’t think that they ‘keep’ Clarence Mitchell – I think that he helps them when something significant happens and they need a spokesman, such as the launching of Kate’s book. As far as the expensive lawyers are concerned – they needed the expertise of Carter Ruck to ward off the leaches such as Tony Bennett, and his team, of the so called ‘Madeleine Foundation’ who have spread so much libel and slander that he/they should be behind bars. I feel that you would do your bit of protesting if you had been subjected to the mind boggling fantasy that various people have come up with. All they want to do is to find their daughter, and to do that they now need all the publicity that they can get, together with the help of the Met., to make sure that she is never forgotten. Despite the fact that you wouldn’t have left your children alone in the first place (if you have any of course) – what would you do now if you were them, and he/she had been abducted?? Or, after all I have said do you still think they are guilty of hiding Madeleine’s body, and disposing of it whilst the eyes of the world’s press were on them, together with all of their friends lying for them for the last four years.

  17. But didn’t they have Carter Ruck on board from very shortly after the “abduction” well before the press, Tony Bennett etc started doubting their version of events? Why employ such expensive lawyers so early on? Unless of course they foresaw the need to have lawyers with expertise in libel and extradition procedures?

    As for thinking they are guilty after all you have said, well I’m not sure what they are guilty of, but yes, from what I have seen of their TV appearances and actions over the last fours years, I do believe they are hiding something.

  18. Steve, within a few hours of the “abduction” four friends and family members all quoted Gerry McCann as saying the shutters had been jemmied.

  19. Thanks turbonutterbastard, that’s what I understood to be the case. Now why would Gerry have told so many folk that the windows were jemmied when in fact they weren’t?

  20. Which paper was this fact reported in – the Express, the Sun or the Mail – all of which were sued for defamation, and they admitted exageration of the truth in all cases!! Let us not forget, after all of this backwards and forwards chit chat that there is still a little girl missing and surely she should be the most important person we should all care about, and focus on – not whether her parents said this or that. It doesn’t matter, we can talk until the cows come home, but none of us know what really happened, but it is time we found out for Madeleine’s sake. So thank God for David Cameron – at last we have a prime minister that shows some intelligence.

  21. Sure, various news papers were sued for defamation but none were sued by the four people who quoted Gerry saying the shutters were jemmied. Now I wonder why that was?

    Now given the McCanns pechant for litigation it seems unlikely that the four statments about the shutters being jemmied were stories made up by news papers.

  22. What does it matter whether Gerry said the shutters were jemmied? Surely it was obvious the next day that they were not – end of story. I really don’t see your point!

  23. The point is Jean, it makes Gerry a proven liar. Just remember this Jean, the McCanns told the police in Portugal they had no bank cards, yet when Gerry was returning home to get Maddies DNA and photos he claimed he was pickpocketed while getting cash from an ATM, he also bemoaned that the stolen wallet contained photos of Maddy.

    These are just a few of his lies and there are MANY more.

  24. The man has lost his daughter for heavens sake. Most probably Gerry didn’t have any bank cards in Portugal, what has that got to do with him having a bank card in this country? Anyway what on earth does having a bank card or not have to do with the abduction of Madeleine? It seems to me that it was just newspapers making something out of nothing. I think you are just nit picking here, or grasping at straws to try and prove a point!!

  25. Are we really meant to believe that the McCanns, two professional people did not have a credit card between them in Portugal? And the reason it matters is that the Portuguese Police were unable to check out what they might have bought with those credit cards in the days beofre the disappearance. Ditto Madeleine’s medical records that the Portuguese were refused access to – it does make you wonder why especially as the McCann’s now seem to be backtracking about how distictive Madeleines coloboma was.

  26. As far as credit cards are concerned – my husband and I are professional people and when we go on holiday with our four children we do not take a credit card. What might they have bought – a shovel, or perhaps a large freezer? And I have not heard anything about the McCanns backtracking about how distinctive Madeleine’s coloboma was. That is one thing I disagreed with, that they made it known. I would have kept quiet.

  27. Steve and TNB – I would like you to read these posts from another site I am on – perhaps they will shed a light on your questions and arguments……

    STATEMENT ..’Clearly it was the McCanns and their friends who contaminated the crime scene and delayed notification of police.”
    REPLY .. They did not delay that. Read the statement of the receptionist..
    The Crime Scene was also contaminated (if not most of all) by the GNR and PJ. Read the Portuguese Forensics report about that. Dog hairs and red fingerprint powder all over the place. Not to mention how numerous POLICE men searched the apartment for Madeleine without taking care of preservation of the crime scene. I could go on a bit more, but for now this is enough. Both the PJ and the GNR acted very amateurish.
    STATEMENT .. “The McCanns cannot blame somebody else for the loss of their child.”
    REPLY .. What’s wrong with you? Yes they (and their friends) were wrong in leaving those children unattended – and they admitted that and will have to live with it the rest of their lives – but that doesn’t mean that anybody can walk in and take one. HE (or she) is the person who should be blamed.
    STATEMENT .. “Not all crimes all solved, not all missing children are found, and this has nothing to do with the police.”
    REPLY .. Indeed, not all crimes are solved, but if this one would have been handled any better right from the start, if the Police would have taken it more serious instead of thinking she’s wandered off, if their boss wouldn’t have told them to stop searching and go back to the office, may be, may be they would have found her. The way they acted those precious ‘golden hours’ when there’s the best chance of finding a missing person, were lost.

    STATEMENT .. Any reference to contamination of the crime scene is for May 3/4. And it is in the final prosecutor’s report that it was the family and friends who contaminated it. Further, the PJ did not proclaim their innocence. You must be reading different files.”
    REPLY .. Well it looks like you haven’t read any of the files, or did you just skip the things that don’t suit you?
    The crime scene WAS contaminated by the police, like I said earlier,both by the PJ and GNR. But ALSO by dogs. Portuguese forensics found numerous dog hairs in the apartment, even in the children’s bedroom. And it was the POLICE who’s allowed Silvia Batista to go into that room and remove things from it. It’s all in the files. Makes me wonder why the PJ is shy to admit their ‘mistakes’ or should I call them failures?
    And re their innocence, let me tell you first of all everybody is assumed to be innocent until they’re proven guilty in a court of law. That’s one of the fundamental human rights.
    But there’s more, there’s the statement of the AG, made after an extensive investigation into Madeleine’s parents and after careful consideration of everything that’s in the files:
    b) The archiving of the Process concerning Arguidos Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy, BECAUSE THERE ARE NO INDICATIONS OF THE PRACTISE OF ANY CRIME under the dispositions of article 277 number 1 of the Penal Process Code.

  28. Jean you and your husband do not concern me what does is the fact that Gerry told the PJ he had ho credit cards in Portugal, yet on his return to Rothley he all of a sudden has one to withdraw cash from an ATM in London, please explain?

  29. Why are you so very concerned about Gerry not having a credit card in Portugal. Most probably he called home, got his credit card, then went to London and had it stolen from his pocket. What is so strange in that? Mountains out of molehills springs to mind.

  30. Jean, why do you bother commenting on here? It is clearly obvious you just chose to believe the McCanns without actually studying the case.

    As for “how do you know?” it was in the Sun and like I said before if it had been false, well we all know the McCanns when it comes to litigation or libel.

  31. I come on here for exactly that reason – to support the McCanns. I have studied the case from day one and as far as I am concerned they are completely innocent of all charges, except the most crucial of all, leaving their children in an unlocked apartment. But, I know that that was a grave error of judgement, and they will suffer for the rest of their lives knowing that fact.

    Why should the police ask the McCanns such a question anyway – surely they could check any purchases made from the card companies without the McCanns permission?

    Why do YOU comment on this site, it is apparent that you believe all that the police have stated? There we will always beg to differ.

  32. “Why should the police ask the McCanns such a question anyway – surely they could check any purchases made from the card companies without the McCanns permission?”

    And just how would they do that if the McCann’s denied having a card? The Police would need the card number to be able to ask the card company for any details of purchases.

    As far as being guilty of leaving the children in an unlocked apartment there isn’t actually any independent evidence to show that they did neglect the children. All that we know for certain is that Madeleine disappeared.

  33. Why should the police ask the McCanns such a question anyway – surely they could check any purchases made from the card companies without the McCanns permission?

    Let me answer that for you Jean. As arguidos the PJ would have been failing in their duty if they had failed to investigate the McCanns finances but they were thwarted in doing so by the authorities in the UK, as they were with Maddies medical records.

    May I suggest you call or email your local social services and ask when they would consider it safe to leave young children on their own, but Im sure you already know the answer to that, as the McCanns must surely have done.

    Also Jean, let me tell you why I post on this site, is to point out to people like you the serious discrepancies being fed to us by team McCann. And, Jean, this is NOT a pro McCann site.

  34. Steve – I wouldn’t think that the McCanns would deny having a card, just that they did not take a card with them on holiday. It is quite feasible that they left any that they had at home.

    I agree that there isn’t any independent evidence to show that they did neglect their children. In actual fact I think it is the opposite, in that they made half hourly checks, which does not constitute ‘abandonment’ in the eyes of the law. And as you say the only thing that we all know for certain is that Madeleine disappeared from that apartment on 3 May.

  35. TNB – When they arrived home the local social service did carry out investigations into the McCanns, and they found that they had not committed any offence, because as I said to Steve, the half hourly checks do not constitute ‘abandonment’ in the eyes of the law. Therefore, they did not, at any stage of their holiday neglect their children.

    In answer to your other point, I have not regarded this as a pro-McCann site, I am just expressing my opinion as you are, and as I have said we must agree to differ in our opinions.

  36. Another point Steve – If the police wanted information about someones credit or debit card they would be able to find it. They wouldn’t need any numbers of cards or security information, just a name and address would do.

  37. Jean, and Maddy went missing because of what? 30 minute checks or neglect? Not a hard one to figure out really, even if you do believe she was abducted.

  38. Madeleine went missing because someone went into the room – lifted her from her bed – and either passed her out of the window to an accomplice or walked out of the door. You should not expect your child to be taken when she is fast asleep in an apartment you have rented for a holiday. The guilty person is the person who took her.

    AND as I have repeated time and time again – by law the McCann children were NOT NEGLECTED.

  39. Jean, there is not one shred of evidence to suggest that an abductor entered the room.

  40. As I have said before there is absolutely no evidence to show that someone went into the room and abducted Madeleine. Nor is there any evidence that she was actually neglected. But you are correct in saying that the guilty person is the person who took her – it just isn’t necessarily an abductor.

  41. There is no evidence that an abductor entered the room because the Portuguese police did not cordon off the apartment when the arrived one hour after being called, instead the world and his wife, including Portuguese police smoking cigarettes, went into the apartment and destroyed all of the evidence, together with the cleaner who was given permission by the police to clean the room. That is why weeks later, when the British dogs arrived, there was no evidence to find, including mythical blood and the ‘scent of death’.

  42. Jean, the first lot to contaminate the room were the Tapas9 or 8 maybe, but perhaps you could explain on behalf of the McCanns why they all milled around the room writing out a timline on a page ripped from Madeleines book when they could have been searching for her?

    If like YOU said it took the PJ an hour to arrive, why wernt they searching the immediate area for her, instead of sitting on thier backsides writing a timeline which they should have had no problem remembering.

  43. TNB – Where on earth are you getting all this information from – were you in the room with them? – NO – so you must be getting it from other sources – say the newspapers who were sued after publishing all that FALSE information!!

  44. Jean
    I think it would be safe to say you have never read any the PJ files or the statments given to the police by the Tapas 9, its all there in black and white.

  45. tnb – you beat me to it. Either Jean has not done much research into the case or is deliberately ignoring the published police files.

    I must admit I’m resigned to thinking that the truth will not be known about this case for many years if at all. However I take comfort from knowing that the McCann’s and some, if not all, their Tapas friends know what really happened. And they know that we know that their story is full of holes. I just wish one of them would have the courage to go to the police and tell the truth.

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