Mayor “do nothing” Boris Johnson’s scorched Earth policy

An excellent post from Adam Bienkov in The Scoop at SNIPE asks:

“Will Boris Johnson leave anything behind for the next Mayor?”

This picks up on Tim Donovan’s interview with Mayor Boris Johnson on The Politics Show:

“Donovan also pointed out that Boris’s police budget is totally unsustainable, relying on £70m of reserves built up in police and fire budgets over the previous ten years.

Once that money runs out (after the election) police numbers will fall …

In fact Boris will create exactly the kind of “black hole” that he accused Ken Livingstone of creating in TfL’s budget before the 2008 election.

As Donovan said to Boris: “this is money that you can’t use again.””

And Adam Bienkov goes on:

“And it’s not just money that will run out after Boris’s first term but ideas as well. I mean what major new transport projects conceived by Boris are set to go ahead over the next five years?

We’ll have a few extra bikes and a few new buses with a hole in the back, but where are the big ideas for London going into the next few years and decades?

Of course there’s still time for Boris to spell out those big ideas, but even if he does they would be too far down the pipeline to be seen under a second Boris term.

Because the sad truth about Boris as Mayor, is that rather than be the triumph or disaster many predicted, he has actually been something of a non-event.

By doing as little as humanly possible, Boris has been able to take credit for past investments whilst adding little or nothing to future plans.”

2 thoughts on “Mayor “do nothing” Boris Johnson’s scorched Earth policy”

  1. Excellent post Tobes. By the way D G Haslam is choosing the wrong site to troll on. He is ex Met BTW but had to leave after certain “items” were found in his locker.

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