Metropolitan Police Authority meeting stands on its head over the Civil Liberties Panel

At its last meeting the Metropolitan Police Authority established a new Civil Liberties Panel which would consider just about everything.  There was much debate then about how long it would take to set the whole thing up and the need for the Panel to meet urgently to discuss G20 et al. 

The panel’s membership has now been confirmed – listed bizarrely under “Outside and Other Bodies” in the meeting’s papers – as Victoria Borwick, Dee Doocey, Kirsten Hearn, Jenny Jones, Joanne McCartney and Richard Tracey (who after all appears to be the putative chair), although Clive Lawton seemed to think he would also be a member but that his name had been left off in error.

A meeting of the Panel had been scheduled for this afternoon but Dee Doocey proposed that this be postponed because only three members could be present and Jenny Jones had to catch a train to Glastonbury and couldn’t stay.  So suddenly, all the urgency seemed to have evaporated.

The Authority did, however, unanimously agree to support a motion calling for the MPS to publish the report of its investigation into the death of Blair Peach in 1979 following a demonstration in Southall, West London.

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