Middlesex University opens new building dedicated to the creative arts

I spent part of yesterday evening at the official opening of The Grange building at Middlesex University’s Hendon campus.  The £80 million building and its facilities are hugely impressive and must be some of the country’s best for the creative arts, and include:

  • two HD TV studios designed, equipped and built by Sony
  • digital darkrooms, digital media workshops, photographic studios and avid suites
  • specialist workshops for wood, metal, plastics, CAD, CAM, ceramics. glass, screenprint, etching, letterpress, sound interaction, electronics, laser cutting and digital print
  • specialist studios for animation, 3D animation, fashion, fine art, graphic design, illustration, interior architeture, interior design, jewellery, photography and textiles.

The creativity that these have already spawned were on display throughout the building.

Over the last few years, I have watched the whole Hendon campus develop and grow, so that it is now an enormous asset for London and the country, nurturing and unlocking the talent of its students – who go on to become some of the best paid graduates emerging from the country’s universities and to make their contribution to the UK’s future prosperity.

11 thoughts on “Middlesex University opens new building dedicated to the creative arts”

  1. So how many of this years intake with be able to get “well paid” jobs when they enter the jobs market with this had baked shower in power.
    A job will probably be nice.

  2. Ciaran Rehill
    November 28th, 2011 at 11:29
    With universities a lot has to do with catchment areas and the cachet of being in the “Russell Group”.

    Any cachet being in a Ken Russell Group….

  3. I was lucky that I was able to purchase my fake degree online from the University of Badgers Bluff for ten bucks. I just wish that I could obtain a Ph.D in similar fashion, as I have had no luck in finding a supervisor for my application or sponsorship.
    I remain your obedient servant and general layabout


    Ciaran Rehill AFWOS first class.

  4. Dear Toby, Seems that the troll (Derek G Haslam, of The Met) is back. You may block all transmissions from Ciaran Rehill (real and fake). I am off to Ingerlund soon. Happy New Year!

  5. Toby’s message was about creative arts. I’d just like to know how much money does the creative arts industry make for the UK economy each year?

  6. Ciaran Rehill
    So what is wrong with people stacking shelves in a supermarket having an arts degree…
    We should be investing for a civilised democratic society. You have to know stuff to participate..

    Its not a league table between science and art and the winner takes all.
    How much does e.g. Paul McCartney, David Hockney or Damien Steven Hirst, make for the UK economy/life.

  7. Ciaran Rehill

    As it happens I have a friend who lost their job in the last recession and has since worked in a supermarket stacking shelves. They spend their free time finding out about their family history.

  8. Dear John, You may have a point. Blair said he wanted 50% in tertiary education, thing is 50% may not be fit for Uni. When I went (begging) for ESRC and Brit Academy funding it was the chinless wonders from public school who were favoured not those doing “real” topics. Happy 2012.

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