There are moves afoot to cancel next week’s meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority because “we are in the election period ?[and] this will have an effect on debate.”  It has, of course, been known for some time that there would definitely be London Borough elections on 6th May and it was an increasing certainty that the General Election would be held on the same date, so it is a little disingenuous to suggest that this has suddenly come as a surprise nine days before the scheduled meeting.

It is also nice to know that there is “debate” at Police Authority meetings – something that I had previously missed.

And, of course, it would never do if politics intruded.  Not that it ever has before (can you spot the heavy irony?).

I suspect the real reason is to avoid comment – let alone “debate” – about David Cameron’s strange statement in the first Leaders’ Debate about the number of uniformed police officers working in the Metropolitan Police’s HR Department.  I had tabled a question asking the Commissioner for his comments on this and the Met have already made a statement explaining that the officers concerned are overwhelmingly involved in training other police officers.

Still it would never do to have the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis saying in a public forum a week before polling day that the Leader of the Opposition was talking garbage.

And no-one would want to highlight the fact that either the Leader of the Conservative Party doesn’t trust the Conservative Mayor and Deputy Mayor of London enough to check his facts with them OR that he dislikes them so much that he is prepared to highlight their failure to sort out what he clearly perceived as a problem.  It could, of course, be both: he doesn’t trust them AND he wanted to put the boot in.

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