I am sometimes a bit unfair to the BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson.  Although I like him personally and enjoy his broadcasting style, I sometimes find it difficult when watching him to forget his Young Conservative past.

However, in his blog today he manages to sum up the nonsense that masquerades as Tory economic policy so succinctly that I will even forgive his history.  He explains that the Tory offer is to “say they can head off one tax rise (national insurance) whilst cutting other taxes (inheritance tax, council tax and some, as yet unspecified, marriage tax breaks) whilst also cutting the deficit faster than Labour and protecting spending on health and international development.”  And if it is like the Queen in Alice in Wonderland explaining that sometimes she believed “six impossible things before breakfast”, that is because it is.

There are a number of parallels between this General Election and the one in 1992.  However, in that Election the Party with the wackiest ideas was the Natural Law Party which fielded 310 candidates and garnered 0.19% of the vote on a platform that promoted “yogic flying” to solve the country’s problems.  Listening to Nick Robinson’s summary of the six impossible things before breakfast that make up the Conservative Party’s economic policy it is clear that the Tories are the natural successors of the Natural Law Party and that George Osborne is promoting the equivalent of yogic flying without, of course, any use of hallucinogenic substances.

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