Observations from Labour Party Conference 2011 – 4: Nick Ross to be a Tory-backed candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner

Blair Gibbs is the Head of Crime and Justice at Policy Exchange, the Tory-leaning think tank.  He is also a former Chief of Staff to Nick Herbert MP, the Policing and Justice Minister.  He is at the Labour Party Conference trying to sell the policy of directly-elected Police and Crime Commissioners to delegates (or, if not sell, at least get a grudging acquiescence that they are going to happen and will be elected in November 2012).  In a meeting this afternoon he acknowledged that the Conservative Party was looking for “capable and charismatic” individuals to stand as Police and Crime Commissioners as “Independents with Conservative support”.

I asked him what sort of people he had in mind who were “capable and charismatic” and might fulfil the role.  Quick as a flash, he suggested Nick “I’ve never worked with a minger” Ross for Thames Valley.

I don’t know whether anyone has mentioned it to him ……

Blair Gibbs wants Nick Ross as a PCC.

3 thoughts on “Observations from Labour Party Conference 2011 – 4: Nick Ross to be a Tory-backed candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner”

  1. Scary, Dude.

    It’s The Great British homophobic and racist pro Ghurka Lumley whom the whites of my eyes beat a retreat from.

  2. Isn’t it the problem with this government that academics/think tankers rather than professionals
    that drive policy.

    Nick Ross. Give me strength. A 30 year seving police officer being held to account by Nick Ross. Is that the best we can do. Why not have
    PC Tony Stamp in somewhere. He’s played a policeman. Dennis Waterman has lots of experience and used to be in the
    Flying Squad. £120k a year. Steady income for a veteran actor.

  3. Policing – Daily Torygraph now calls for a Royal Commission in response to Cooper’s announcement. Pity they couldn’t have come up with that earlier instead of backing any rubbishy policy simply because it’s a Tory policy. Fools.

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