6 thoughts on “Of course, I don’t seek recognition ……..”

  1. We have until 31 July to decide . . .

    A ride up to town to investigate divers hostelries and further investigate Parliament”s many bars beckons . .

    The big problem, unsurprisingly, as this seems to follow the interest of the loathsome Iain Dale, is that one is required to nominate TEN (10) blogs.

    I respect far fewer, though yours is one of the two I fairly regularly bother with.

    Anyone who votes for Comment is (NOT) Free is presumably ignorant of their censors http://quietzapple-musing.blogspot.com/

    Pretty much the same as the Dully Tele, except the Guardinid”s moderators are unpaid and include neo nazis

  2. Nice pre-moderation of my its above, thanks.

    Blogs and posting recall Michael Frayn”s condemnation of some comms or another:

    “Almost as ineffective as sneezing in morse.”

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