Of those arrested during the protests today, the biggest number so far is for possessing a police uniform

The latest figures that I have seen from the Metropolitan Police say that by 5pm today the police had arrested 24 people involved in the protests.  Of those 24, no fewer than ELEVEN have been arrested for possessing a police uniform.  Of the remainder, three were arrested for violent disorder, two for breach of the peace, two for public order offences, two for aggravated burglary at the RBS building, one for criminal damage, one for obstructing the highway and one for possession of a Class A drug.  And yes, I know the figures don’t add up but we are talking police statistics here …

Nevertheless, so far the arrest figures are small (there could, of course, be worse disorder to come), but I wonder what the total would have been in another capital city faced with some of the scenes we’ve seen today in London.  And if the new protest tactic is to pretend to be a policeman …..



Arrest figures at 7pm – 32 in total, of which: eleven for possession of a police uniform; seven for public order offences; two for breach of the peace; two for aggravated burglary at RBS; and one each for threatening behaviour, possession of a Class A drug; violent disorder; obstruction of highway; criminal damage; arson; possession of an offensive weapon; obstruction of police; Section 60; and affray.  And it still doesn’t add up.

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