“One of the best” blogger-politicians – moi?

Those who know me will be aware that I am one of the world’s most modest individuals, have absolutely no self-aggrandising tendencies and would never under any circumstances seek to blow my own trumpet ……

So it goes without saying that the only reason I would want to draw attention to the statement, referring to me, in the Guardian last week (in its “Metropolitan Lines” newsletter) is to correct one small inaccuracy.  What the Guardian said was:

There are now quite a few good blogger-politicians. Lord Toby Harris is one of the best.”

The error, 0f couse, is that I am not a “politician”, but – to use Al Gore’s phrase – a “recovering politician”.

I hope that’s clear.

9 thoughts on ““One of the best” blogger-politicians – moi?”

  1. I heard that your politics are in remission, and your blog recovering?

    We who look forward to some form of PR for the Lords await any confabulations on that issue you may develop, Toby.

  2. Well your webmanager for sure reckons you’re one of the best blogging politicians (in remission, recovery or whatever!) and trust me, I’ve designed quite a few blogs for politicians and I can’t say I always read what most of them write.

  3. A politician is an individual who seeks to influence public decision-making. In my view – although this is not a universally held opinion – they do some in pursuit of the common good and without any desire or expectation of personal benefit.

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