Police Authority to adopt a protocol on how and when Members (including Mayor Johnson) should talk to police suspects

The Metropolitan Police Authority is in session. Mayor Johnson is in the Chair and shows every sign of staying to the end of the meeting. Otherwise attendance is a bit sparse (six Members away) and not many public (apart from a contingent from the James Cleverly Fan Club). This is not really surprising given the sparsity of the agenda: the only substantive item is the Commissioner’s report.
Joanne McCartney skillfully managed to raise the Standards Committee inquiry into Mayor Johnson’s conduct in respect of the Damian Green case by asking whether it was now going to be seen as part of an MPA Member’s role to talk to suspects in police inquiries. If so, would it be necessary for there to be a protocol on how this should be done? And could the Commissioner report to the Authority on the extent to which Members might now find themselves called as witnesses in court proceedings? It was agreed there would be a report back. Uber-Vice Chairman Kit Malthouse looked irritated.
The Uber-Vice Chairman cheered up, however, when his colleague, Richard (‘don’t call me Dick’) Tracey suggested that there should also be a protocol limiting the rights of MPA Members (other than the Mayor and Uber-Vice Chairman) to speak to the media. So watch this space …

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