Police officers killed on duty – the grim lessons from the USA

In 2010, five UK police officers lost their lives in the course of duty or on their way to or from being on duty.  All five died as a result of road traffic accidents.  They are remembered here.

Contrast this with the experience in the United States:

“In just twenty-four hours, at least eleven cops were shot around the country. The most recent incident at a fugitive’s house in St. Petersburg, Florida, left two officers dead and a U.S. marshal wounded Monday. Hours earlier, an Oregon officer was critically wounded after being shot multiple times during a traffic stop. Monday’s violence followed a bloody Sunday that left an officer in Indianapolis critically wounded during a traffic stop shooting, four officers in Indianapolis wounded after a gunman opened fire in a precinct and two more officers in Washington wounded in a shootout in a Walmart parking lot.”

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, over the last ten years there have been on average 163 US police officers killed each year, 16,041 injured and 58,821 assaulted. 

Thank goodness the UK is so much less violent than the US.

8 thoughts on “Police officers killed on duty – the grim lessons from the USA”

  1. Double plus silly. Do you know how difficult it is to obtain a firearm in the U.K? The latest pronouncements about “robust policing” by Orde (i.e killing demonstrators a la Cairo/Tunis) bodes ill.

  2. At least we don’t have claims that individuals have a constitutional right to bear arms . Even AFTER the Tucson massacre, the Governor of Virginia (which is where I am at the moment) lifted the ban on taking guns into public parks.

    Guns are on sale in the local Wal Mart!

  3. Yes, Praise the Lord we’ve not got there yet.

    I was briefly in the foyer through which Tony Blair passed last friday for the Chilcot inquiry and was shocked to see two PCs heavily armed (by my lights) there.

    Had to be off so missed Blair walking, but his evidence was impressive.

    Controls on guns and dogs and other “defence” equipment should be increased soon before these threats to the innocent grow still further, else one day it will be too late, as it may be in the USA.

  4. @David, that is because Britain does not have a constitution. @Q plod are typical civilians, I asked why they had to have sidearms and H&Ks. “Stoppages”. Gee, funny how Israel and all other countries get by without looking like dorks. Finally, has anyone realised what would happen if plod opened fire in an enclosed space with all that stuff? It matters nought – the revolution will be exported from Egypt to England.

  5. As usual the idiot who calls himself Ron Broxted talks utter rowlocks. This idiot also thinks according to his blogs….that the IRA are justified in killing police officers and their families. Raoull Moat was a hero and all police personnel are idiots. He gives his his opinion on firearms when he has had no experience of either handling firearms or any meaningful military service, apart from nine months RAMC Private trainee male nurse. six months RNR HMS Carolyn, Belfast dry dock. Discharged 9weeks later after he failed to disclose his criminal record. He is a faux left-winger, long term unemployed waste of space.

  6. Colin Berry is a respected scientist. The above IP address is regsitered with BT to a Mr D G Haslam, who was cautioned for possession of “artistic” photos of underage boys.

  7. The above comment which is not true was left by me because I am so upset and insanely jealous of Mr D Haslem because he found out about that misunderstanding when I was thrown off my trainee psychiatric nurses course at Hertfordshire Poly because I misread a situation with a female student who was unconscious due to too much drink. Also he got wind of that other misunderstanding at the boys orphanage in Belarus. Sure my DNA profile is retained on file for the rest of my life, but I am not alone in that respect. Do you want to be in my gang?

  8. Dear Lord Toby, It seems that Derek G Haslam (formerly of 9, Lynn Rd, Southery, PE38, 0HU) is at it again. He has been reported to the Met (a P.C Penry in fact). Pity your blog is trolled. He posts at 4am on the Torygraph and is ex BNP. Regards, D.Z.

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