“Posh” is disappointing but still a potent reminder of the early days of those who now run the country

I have just returned from seeing “Posh” at the Duke of York’s Theatre.  I regret to say I was disappointed.  The acting is good and the play itself is quite powerful, but the reviews and write-ups had led me to expect something funnier with more pointed satire and a clearer political message.

However, don’t let me put you off – it is still worth seeing.

And it is certainly a potent reminder of the social background and early lives of those currently running the country.  The “Riot Club” is clearly based on the Bullingdon Club and you can draw your own conclusions as to who is meant to be the David Cameron or the Boris Johnson character in the play ….

2 thoughts on ““Posh” is disappointing but still a potent reminder of the early days of those who now run the country”

  1. Had Brown, who is a keen supporter of Raith Rovers Football Club, promoted members of the Raith Rovers supporters Club as Cameron has Osborne and (in effect) Johnson, let alone marrying the daughter of another the Tory media’s howl would make the welkin ring.

  2. LiamYou need to start asking qoietsuns about the make up of the deficit, the structural and the cyclical components that make up the total.The figures put out by the OBR that suggest that the structural deficit is 8.8% of GDP are particularly shaky given the formula behind it. Even the previous figure used by the Treasury, 8.0% looks dodgy and looks to be a number manufactured to bolster the Treasury orthodox view that we were all doomed, dog boiling was the order of the day and the poor must suffer.Anyway 1.1% in Q2 looks like an outlier.Six weeks of bad weather at the start of the year helped, as did the World Cup but I fear the number will be revised down.No matter the final figure it will be far in advance of the train wreck that will be Q3.I fear Sniffy actually believes all this nonsense about slash and burn.We live in interesting times.Finally a cheapshot from me, no more jokes.

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