Postponing the CSR makes sense – so why the hysteria?

Any Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR) is a huge undertaking, if it is done properly.  Every Department’s spending has to be reviewed and scrutinised (“Star-Chambered”), bids (“wish-lists”) are prepared and cuts (“efficiency savings”) negotiated.  Crucial to any CSR is the set of assumptions used to determine the economic (and consequent fiscal) outlook.  So does it make sense to embark on such an exercise when the world economy remains so turbulent and while the UK’s prospects (whilst better than many other countries) remain so uncertain? In case you are wondering, the answer is “No”. 

To conduct such a CSR in the last few months before a General Election when the minds of Ministers (and for that matter civil servants – let alone Shadow Ministers) will be focused on that Election and its aftermath would be an exercise in utter futility.

So why the fuss?  Perhaps, those making the most noise are those that are so used to being futile that they have come to enjoy that state far more  than doing anything purposeful.  Or am I being unfair?

3 thoughts on “Postponing the CSR makes sense – so why the hysteria?”

  1. Chameleon and his ilk want something else to shoot at, that is why they want such a review before it is appropriate.

    Correspondingly Cameron has said there will not be a Shadow Budget speech I believe, so Geo Osborne’s “Kick Me” sign will be in relatively quietly drawn characters.

    No, Toby, not unfair to suggest their calls are are futile, but unduly generous to the Bullingdon vipers and their familiars in my view.

  2. The outlook for business is unclear most of the time, but especially so now. Do you think they stop doing budget planning because of it? Businesses frequently do a root and branch review at this kind of time in order to survive. So to suggest the politicians can’t or shouldn’t is merely being either dishonest or idiotic. a senior business manager who said he could not plan due to unforeseen circiumstances would be sacked.

    So yes, get of your bloody corrupt asses and do your fucking job. Do the review, tell the rest of us as it really is, stop lying and misleading. If the plan has to change due to changing circumstances then so be it, that also is usual, but in business, the plan is followed until its agreed by appropriate levels of management that it can change.

    Its not difficult, unless of course what you are really doing is trying to hide the truth. Which of course is what is really at the nub of it.

    The government is there to provide leadership and guidance, instead it whines snivels and obfuscates.

  3. By their abuse do we know them.

    It was an error to equate Government with business under Heathco, as Private Eye called it, and it would be now.

    We have already seen how confidence is damaged, as the opposition wills, by inaccurate forecasting by the treasury.

    The silly pronouncements of Chameleon and Osborne on the other hand are merely entertainment intended to drag our country down. These multi millionaires work for a party bought out by billionaires whose peers own the press. That is the obvious truth.

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