Prediction: James Purnell to run for London Mayor

Just remember you heard it here first.

There is allegedly shock at James Purnell’s decision to stand down from Parliament.  Actually, it is rather predictable.  If he had stayed on as a candidate, he would have been re-elected.  But what then?  A victoriously re-elected Gordon Brown is unlikely to have him back in the Cabinet.  And in the (unlikely) event of a Tory victory, he would not want to waste his conspicuous (to him, at least) talents in Opposition.

He knows that Mayor Boris Johnson has only a limited desire to run for a second term as Mayor and – in any event – Londoners are becoming increasingly dubious about what he is doing (or not doing) for their City.

James Purnell is nothing if not ambitious.  He can claim to be a Londoner.  He was an Islington councillor for nearly two years.  What more qualification would he need?

And my spies tell me that his intentions are clear – he wants to be Labour’s candidate for London Mayor in 2012.

So once more, remember you heard it here first.

4 thoughts on “Prediction: James Purnell to run for London Mayor”

  1. If Gordon had Mandy back Purnell should have had some faith.

    But he has been pretty – well – variable since Blair went (now a cult, as his principal fanatics seemed to have intended).

    His resignation he announced as though he expected less noble sans culottes to storm Castle Frankenstein for him.

    Since his statements re welfare reform have been odd sops to Tory trolls short of material.

    Sorry, if he cannot cut it in a slightly difficult situation I think we should take his declared intention not to spend his remaining 20 odd years of work in front line politics as presented.

    Those who admire every PPE First may express their regrets, but Red Ken looks a more likely successor to bofo Bojo to me.

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