President Obama to appoint a “Cyber Tsar” – when will the UK get an equivalent

I have already commented on how the Obama administration takes the cyber threat seriously.  Now there is more evidence.  While it is not yet clear, what the substance will be in this latest announcement – it may be no more than recreating a role that existed under President Clinton – there is no doubt that President Obama is taking the whole issue much more seriously than the UK Government.

Given the abundent evidence of an increasing threat to the critical national infrastructure from cyber attacks – whether from teenage delinquent-type cyber-nerds, organised crime, foreign governments or terrorists – the respose in the UK has so far been extremely limited.  Yes, money was eventually found to support a national Police-E-Crime Unit based at New Scotland Yard, and yes, the Centre for the Protection of the National Infrastructure now at least acknowledges that the cyber-threat is an issue.  However, this falls a long way short of a coherent strategy to protect the UK’s interests.

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