Protecting the national infrastructure and its technology

The Parliamentary Information Technology Committee (PITCOM), of which I am the Honorary Treasurer, has produced a useful briefing summarising the key issues about the increasing reliance of the critical national infrastructure (CNI) on technology and the crucial importance of ensuring that that technology is resilient and adequately protected.

The potential vulnerability of the CNI to a variety of threats and the need to raise the level of protection and readiness of the UK to respond to attacks are highlighted.  The briefing also emphasises the importance of partnership between the Government and the private sector to mitigate risks, particularly given the extent to which major parts of the CNI are under private ownership and may not automatically prioritise the national interest above short-term commercial interests.

The briefing should be essential reading for all Parliamentary candidates and anyone else interested in national security.

3 thoughts on “Protecting the national infrastructure and its technology”

  1. Does this refute suggestions that Britain has more spy/cctv cameras than North Korea? Or that photography is “suspicious”? Britain is now a worse bet than Batistas Cuba or Vietnam in ’74.

  2. North Koreas cctv cameras may not be used to find lost children in shopping malls quite so much as ours.

    It ill behoves someone who advocates pretty random attacks on the police to object to being spied on.

    Despite all the cries of “Baaaah BaahhHH Expenses Baaaaah BAAAAH” ooops no, its “Baaaah civil Liberties, BAAAAAHHHHH!” this time . . . the most convincing accusation that British CCYV cameras in the control of the state/local authorities have harmed anyone I have read was that such footage was used vs some scallies in Newcastle who had been collecting for a charity without a licence. Local BNP lady most concerned . . .

    When there are supposed to be so many billions of them, and the Mekon, Insp Knacker and Tony Blair are said to watch us all morning, noon and night one might expect something a little bit convincing, with details of how someone’s private life was unreasonably exposed by the authorities. (Left wing equivalents of saloon bar gossip excluded)

  3. I do not advocate “petty random attacks” on the police (nor even pretty ones, I pray to God that is a typo of yours…or is there something you wish to share?) I advocate full on direct action, I advocate freeing every slave in Britain.

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