Rejection of Jan Berry as Tory Police Commissioner candidate for Kent is a blow to Nick Herbert’s strategy

As you know, I am never normally one for unsubstantiated gossip (stop giggling at the back!), but on this occasion I thought I should pass this on for what it is worth.

Over the weekend, the Conservative Party in Kent chose its candidate to be Police and Crime Commissioner for the county.  The successful candidate is Councillor Craig MacKinlay, a former Deputy leader of UKIP who joined the Conservative Party in 2005.

One of the other contenders was Jan Berry, former Chairman of the Police Federation.  (Previously, of course, the favoured candidate Colonel Tim Collins had withdrawn from contention.)

A little bird tells me that Jan Berry’s candidacy had been promoted by no less a person than Nick Herbert MP, the Minister for Policing, who apparently took the view that Jan Berry would be the sort of high-profile candidate that his policy of electing Police Commissioners should be seen to have encouraged and would also be a slap in the face for the current leadership of the Police Federation for whom he has notoriously little time.

His choice, however, did not go down well with some of the local MPs and one in particular, Mark Reckless, is said to have campaigned ruthlessly and effectively against Jan Berry and for the ex-UKIP man.

All I can say is “interesting, if true”.

And good luck to Harriet Yeo, the Labour Party candidate.

4 thoughts on “Rejection of Jan Berry as Tory Police Commissioner candidate for Kent is a blow to Nick Herbert’s strategy”

  1. Await the Tory Party open selection conferences next time. Not Mike White to chair but that awful Nick guy off The “Scaring old ladies CrimeAdverts” show, two Cllrs up against Carol Vorderman supported by Max Bygraves.
    It will come, and they are kicking themselves not to have already tried it.
    A tory party without Cashcroft and gimmicks is lost.

  2. Bruv, I am running for North Wales/Gogledd Cyrmu PCC and South Yorkshire but the £5000 deposit means only ZaNuLabour and Tories will win. Can you sub me til my JSA comes through? Luv Joe x.

  3. On second thoughts I suppose Tory open selection meetings might be rather too easy to hijack at the moment.

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