Row about cancellation of July Metropolitan Police Authority

A row has broken out about the decision to cancel the July meeting of the Metropolitan Police Authority.  The main item of business had been intended to be consideration of the MPA’s Race and Faith Inquiry, but that won’t be ready in time.

Some suspicious souls have suggested that the cancellation may have more to do with Mayor Boris Johnson’s diary (holidays?) or alternatively that of the Uber Vice Chairman, Deputy Mayor Kit Malthouse.

Now Dee Doocey on behalf of all non-Conservative members of the London Assembly who sit on the Police Authority (and an independent member or two as well) has pointed out that it seems crazy for the Authority not to be meeting again until September.  There are important issues to discuss – not least the report of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary into the policing of the G20 protests.  In any event, is it really a sign of openness and accountability for the Commissioner not to have an opportunity to report to the full Authority for a three month period?

Steve O’Connell, who chaired the meeting at which the decision to cancel was taken, has said that he expected “the progressive alliance to kick up”.

So will “the non-progressive alliance” dig in and hold firm or will they concede and re-call the meeting?  Watch this space ….

5 thoughts on “Row about cancellation of July Metropolitan Police Authority”

  1. Perhaps the Mayor doesn’t want to be questioned about the “why didn’t the Met take any action about the alleged NoW instigated phone tapping” controversy.

    By great misfortune I heard him claiming to know nothing about the case (even though it had been on the net for at least ten hours) on Radio 4 just before 7:30 and then again on Radio 5 just after.

    (He also doesn’t seem to understand why hedge funds need regulating. He implied that because the present crisis wasn’t caused by hedge funds then no future one could possibly be. He can’t really be that dim can he?!).

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