Secret Tory plans to politicise the Queen and keep their plans for legislation hidden for as long as possible

Each session of Parliament begins with the pageantry of the State Opening, the summonsing of the Commons to the House of Lords by Black Rod and the Queen’s Speech, in which the Monarch lists the Bills that the Government will put before Parliament.

The Sunday Times, however, has revealed secret Tory plans to change all of that. Apparently, there is:

“a radical idea to reform the Queen’s speech”.

The plan is that:

“she should no longer read out the traditional shopping list of bills. Instead, her address at the first state opening of a Cameron government would not mention any specific legislation but would offer a more general message.”

This extraordinary idea would turn the present anodyne statement of proposed legislation into a sort of regal party political broadcast packed with the sort of meaningless feel-good sentiments that Cameron’s Conservatives prefer to clarity about their real plans.  And even at that late stage the public wouldn’t be permitted to know what laws the Tories were intending to put through Parliament.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.  But I wonder what Her Majesty thinks.

2 thoughts on “Secret Tory plans to politicise the Queen and keep their plans for legislation hidden for as long as possible”

  1. With each passing day I never cease to wonder at the increasingly inept and amateur nature of the Conservative ‘project’.

    I had read this too.

    So if I understand this right, the Conservatives are asking the people of Britain to elect them to power on a prospectus that is nebulous, short on details and policies which do not bear scrutiny.


    Once elected to power they will inform neither Her Majesty nor Parliament of their Legislative Programme.

    Quite remarkable.

    In short, they are asking the electorate for a blank cheque, tied to no Manifesto nor commitment.

    Once elected, they will ask the Queen and Parliament for another blank cheque.

    As Ezra Pound said “The value of a cheque depends on what there is in a bank to meet it.” Cameron and Osborne have had four years to develop a programme for their first year of government. Yet their policy bank has nothing in the account!

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