Security, screens and status

I have just had a meeting with a senior civil servant in his office in one of the more security-conscious parts of the Whitehall diaspora. I couldn’t help noticing the four separate screens on his desk. When I asked, he explained that one screen allowed him to access public material, one monitor was linked to a computer system that was authorised to handle material up to a RESTRICTED classification, another to a system that could handle CONFIDENTIAL material, and the fourth was – you guessed it – was for SECRET items.
I was suitably impressed.

2 thoughts on “Security, screens and status”

  1. Did you adopt as many different modes of conversation with him?

    Tittle tattle, gossip, information and vital secrets would be possibilities were I to invade his sanctum I expect.

  2. All those screens to track, intimidate and try to cower the public. All in vain I foresee a bit of a jolly old revolution soon. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

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