Sir Humphrey Appleby gets to grips with the Tory manifesto

BBC’s Newsnight, demonstrating that their editors can still take what Sir Humphrey himself might have called “a brave – if not career-limiting – decision”, have produced (in the style of  “Yes Minister“) a brilliant dissection of the Tory manifesto.

See it here.

In fact, senior mandarins have already put the finishing touches on their memos for incoming Ministers.  As one proudly told me a few days ago: 

“New Ministers in my Department are going to be faced with three really urgent and unbelievably difficult decisions as soon as they arrive and they’ll have to deal with those before we can even start to consider their manifesto commitments.”

One thought on “Sir Humphrey Appleby gets to grips with the Tory manifesto”

  1. Where does ZaNulabour stand on the Crime & Security Bill? 12 years for retention of innocent DNA samples? I am trying to get a visa for Iran. There will be no more erosion of human rights without severe consequences.

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