So was it Mayor Johnson’s fault that there were no buses in London today?

The answer is probably not.  Yes, this was the worst snow London has faced in many years.  However, it was not exactly unexpected: the Met Office had been issuing severe weather warnings for several days and it was clear that London was likely to be badly hit.

Transport for London (Chairman: Mayor Boris Johnson) made the judgement very early this morning that it would be unsafe for the buses to run.  This was probably correct: an out-of-control double-decker or bendie-bus skidding down a hill is a pretty scary prospect.

However, the real issue is why were so few roads around London adequately gritted?  Even by midday some major arterial roads had still not been gritted by the relevant local borough councils.  When I was a London Council leader – admittedly more than ten years ago – I remember an annual ritual when as elected members we would be asking the Borough Engineer and his staff about the “gritting plan” for the Borough’s roads.

So Mayor Johnson – rather than appealing to heaven for no more snow (“it’s the right kind of snow, but the wrong sort of quantities”) – should be asking his mates in London Councils (now majority Conservative led) why they let Londoners down so badly.

2 thoughts on “So was it Mayor Johnson’s fault that there were no buses in London today?”

  1. I gather one of TFL’s reasons was that one of the earlier night buses got into a bad skid and took out a bus shelter and wrapping itself round the stop pole. (this was shown on BBC news 24) and they were worried about posssible repeat perfomances which could have led to injuries and deaths. But the gleeful bit was that the bus involved was one of the ones plastered with the news that ‘there is probably no god’…………….. Imagine that bearing down on you….

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