I used to pride myself on being able to read accurately the mood of my local area and predict reasonably accurately its election results.   However, when I cast my vote in the AV referendum on Thursday morning, I have to confess that I had absolutely no inkling that I was voting in one of only ten local areas (out of 439 in Great Britain as a whole) that would record a majority of “YES” votes when the results were finally declared. 

My feeling had been that Haringey would vote (albeit narrowly) against AV.  In fact, the declared result showed a vote for “YES” by a margin of 56.62% to 43.38% – the fourth biggest margin in the country.

It is not clear whether there any distinguishing features in the the ten local districts that voted “YES”:

  • Cambridge
  • Camden
  • Edinburgh Central
  • Glasgow Kelvin
  • Hackney
  • Haringey
  • Islington
  • Lambeth
  • Oxford
  • Southwark

No doubt some academic will do the demographic analysis and the psephological postmortem ……

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