Apparently Transport for London are to cut in half the grant that they pay to the London Safety Camera Partnership.  The budget will be cut from £5.9 million to £3 million.

The assumption seems to be that the Metropolitan Police will pick up any shortfall in funding – although there is no guarantee that this will be the case.

At present, the Partnership supports around 900 speed and red light cameras around London.  These enforcement cameras can only be located – under Department for Transport rules – in places where there have been at least three fatal casualties or serious incidents.  As a result, the cameras in London are said to have made a major contribution to the 27% reduction in death and injuries on the roads in recent years.

So what is behind this?  I hope it is not the Mayoral administration in London and the new leadership of Transport for London pandering to the car lobby and those who believe that they should be entitled to speed, drive dangerously and put other people as well as themselves at risk.

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