So why do you need 160 councillors to run the new merged super-Borough in London?

Apparently, three London Boroughs in London (Kensington and Chelsea; Westminster; Hammersmith and Fulham) are in talks about merging all their services under a single Chief Executive.  This is expected to save up to £100 million per annum.

However, one area where there won’t be savings is in the number of elected members.  This means that the new single Chief Executive will report to three separate groupings of elected councillors (one for each Borough) with three separate Leaders.

At present there are 160 local councillors in the three Boroughs.  They are paid an iondividual allowance of between £8,940 and £10,597 each, with many getting special responsibility allowances on top ranging up to £54,227 for the Leader of Kensington and Chelsea.

All in all the basic allowances cost around £1.5 million per year with perhaps the same again on top for special allowances and other expenses.

You would have thought there would have been some savings there in the new merged authority, wouldn’t you?

Or is that Conservative politicians are only interested in cutting jobs if it affects other people?

2 thoughts on “So why do you need 160 councillors to run the new merged super-Borough in London?”

  1. If one were to accept the Right Wing view that private bodies are the best to run our services (and that is not a view I share – from experience) – then the further away from local accountability the better.

    I’m sure it won’t be long before there are calls to cut the number of Councillors (as there are now calls for the number of MPs to be cut).
    But if you believe in local accountability – and that the citizens should have a say in what local government does – then super rubber stamps are not the answer

  2. It is just possible that the three leaders of the Westminster, Kensington and Hammersmith Councils are not able to change the law with a flick of their magic wands.
    Not that a New Labour politician could be expected to worry about the law when it doesn’t suit him

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