So why was Simon Hughes elected LibDem Deputy just by MPs?

I have never taken an interest in the constitution of the Liberal Democrats – and in case anyone’s concerned about me I don’t want to start doing so now.

However, I am intrigued (admittedly only slightly so) by the news that Simon Hughes has been elected as Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats by the Party’s MPs.

Given that the Liberal Democrats in 2008 conducted a Party-wide ballot to select their nominees to be appointed to the House of Lords – a full eighteen months before the Coalition agreement to creating a gerrymander list of Coalition peers was even thought of, it is surprising that they permitted their MPs to go about the business of choosing the Party’s Deputy Leader all on their own.

There is a risk of course that someone who is immersed in the minutiae of the rules of the Liberal Democrat may tell me the reason – in detail.  However, I will be quite happy to continue in ignorance – albeit momentarily puzzled.

4 thoughts on “So why was Simon Hughes elected LibDem Deputy just by MPs?”

  1. Perhaps they’ve lost so many members that they don’t have a quorum for such an election?

    Not like ZanuBroxted of whom no-one has ever suggested any degree of democratic adequacy.

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