So will Cameron’s euro-sceptics fall for the oldest trick in the book

Listening to all the hype today about David Cameron allegedly persuading other EU leaders to limit the EU budget, I immediately assumed that this was the old LibDem trick of declaring victory over something that was going to happen anyway, and that the Commission and the European Parliament had put forward an inflated budget bid, so that the European Council could cut it back to the increase they wanted in the first place.

So I was gratified to see my web-master, the excellent Jon Worth, who has forgotten more about the minutiae of EU politics than most of us ever knew, confirming my supposition.

So David Cameron HAS been taking lessons in tactics from his LibDem coalition partners.

The question is will the Euro-sceptic wing of his Party fall for it?

2 thoughts on “So will Cameron’s euro-sceptics fall for the oldest trick in the book”

  1. It is a sister method to Chameleon’s own trick of affecting droit de seigneur over naughty MPs, while really having left their constituents to say they were cheating, expense cheating ratbags. Kirkbride and MacKay being prime examples.

    Butt the Wintertons who were retiring anyway, and the worst of whose case came up before the Dully Tele publicity, were not even given slapped wrists.

    Utterly immoral, whatever ones views on these cases, to be so cowardly inconsistent and and affect mastery of all he surveys.

    Poor Brown could not compete: he is a decent man, and couldn’t believe he was caught up in such a competition.

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