David Cameron knows that attack is the best form of defence and I wonder whether the attack he has launched over the police handling of the arrest of Damian Green is intended to distract attention from the Conservative Party’s involvement in the whole matter.

So perhaps, the Conservatives might want to set the record straight by answering a few questions, such as:

  1. Is Chris Galley (the civil servant, who according to newspapers, was arrested on 19th November and started the sequence of events that led to the arrest of Danian Green) a member of the Conservative Party?  If so, when did he join and does he hold any positions within the Party?  If not, has he been a member of the Party in the past and when?
  2. According to the newspapers there was a relationship/links between Chris Galley and Damian Green.  How many times has Chris Galley met Damian Green and how many times have they spoken on the telephone or communicated by e-mail?
  3. Has Chris Galley met David Cameron or any other member of the Shadow Cabinet?
  4. Newspapers have reported variously that Chris Galley applied for a job with the Conservative Party and/or a job with Damian Green and that he has been a Conservative Party candidate in the past.  What other roles has he applied for in the past?
  5. Has Chris Galley been given any assurances or promises about future roles with the Conservative Party?  If so, who gave those promises or assurances?
  6. Who in the Conservative Party, apart from Damian Green, knew about Chris Galley’s role at the Home Office?
  7. Who in the Conservative Party knew of the source of the leaks that are alleged to be part of this case?
  8. Had Damian Green discussed leaks from the Home Office with David Cameron, Dominic Grieve or any other prominent Conservative?  If so, when?
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